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Laptops tune down their performance depending on how hot they are. Quick bump for anyone who hasn't seen it. Want to add to the discussion? Click on startup items and uncheck any useless start up programs. Laptops are rather limited in performance.

How do i make League of Legends run faster on my laptop?

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Mar 08,  · A few obvious things that will make any computer run faster. 1) If you're on windows, get to your task manager and check out how many processes are working in the background. Look up what they are, and disable the useless junk from your services. Fxware builds & sells custom gaming PCs. Use our custom gaming PC builder to build any gaming PC imaginable. Fast, cheap, custom gaming PCs built to last. Jan 31,  · So as of the new map update, whenever i enter a fight my frames drop from 30 to 10 or less; I'm running league on a waffle i found somewhere, so all settings are lowest hawaiianlion.gqing System: PC, MAC.