MikelD Member Jun 8: Thanks for confirming that possibility. Bisucas Member Jun 5: As far as I know, that feature doesn't really pertain to making VPN functionality work -- it's just another security-related feature not a VPN feature. I need a chainsaw, your recommendation. Bisucas Member Jul-1 8: That's why I suggested to FF that it should be Enabled.

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Broadband Firewall Router with 4-Port Switch/VPN Endpoint 4 RAS Remote Access Service (RAS) is a service that applies to connections in Singapore only. For users in Singapore, check with Singtel for information on RAS. Internet Connection Type > RAS User Name and Password Enter the User Name and Password provided by Singtel. Jul 01,  · Forum discussion: Is there any firmware I can purchase to make my BEFSR41 VPN capable? It will only need to support one IP. Figure 2: Linksys BEFSR41 VPN Port forwarding PPTP also needs IP protocol 47 (Generic Routing Encapsulation) for the VPN data traffic itself, but note that this is a required protocol, not a port.