Cutting the Cord: Alternatives to Cable TV

Alternatives to Cable TV are Actually Better

20 Cable Alternatives for Watching TV and Movies
Therefore the Standard package works for us. Have you tried any of the cable alternatives mentioned here? Setting up an antenna may be seamless, or it may be the most difficult thing you do when canceling cable. The guide provides not only the basics of finding cable TV alternatives but also directs you to a deeper analysis of cord cutting topics in other articles on the site. If you are ready to cut cable TV, please ask any questions in the comments.

Internet Speed to Cut the Cord

How to Watch TV without Cable

I also have netflix, so I can watch some movies. I just started a new job yesterday doing residential sales for a local company which provides fiber optic internet, tv, phone, etc… there are a lot of locally owned companies popping up around the country who are offering these services cheaper than the big boys comcast, etc..

Plus, i get half off the services…. We watch hulu and subscribe to Netflix for the streaming video, and have not had cable in about 6 years. I occasionally watch some sports on justin. Also, getting cable TV with internet makes the internet bill cheaper I get both services from the same company.

Nobody has to spend money to look at Basic TV Channels. I had my box saved but now it is gone. You can find these on line also. My pictures are clear and pretty. Best of all my viewing is FREE. Just go to Radio Shack they will know what you want.

I gave mine away when I got my new TV. Sometimes we can find old Technology at St. Vincent, Goodwill and Salvation Army. Vincent usually help you out when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place.

They are good people. When you are contributing, please remember them with money and items. Please show your LOVE. They used to repair computers and give them away to low income families. I teach financial planning to Soldiers transitioning out of the Military. I always bring this up when discussing how to cut expenses. While there are always people who cannot fathom living without their cable, I am always surprised to see how many in class have already started to do this.

In the past 10 years, I have only paid for cable for a year, although I have had it provided free for a few others. Every once in a while I think about something that I could only watch on cable but then I think of the myriad other things I could watch on Netflix or, even better, the non-TV things I could do with that time and am completely satisfied with my decision.

My husband and I have looked into ending our cable service and moving to one of the many options presented here. ESPN3 online does have some events, but not the variety we would be looking for. Has anyone else addressed this challenge and found a suitable alternative? For when I have the urge, I have the Network stations, youtube, and Netflix. The income inequality gap has been unacceptably large for decades, and that was mainstreamed just a few months ago.

I get that some people are super into sports. I totally respect that everyone has the right to their own likes and tastes. Personally I have zero interest in any sport that I or someone I care about is not directly participating in, but I am super into a few things that cost money. Mountain biking, for example. If mountain biking carried a lifetime cost of that magnitude, I would find something else to love as soon as I could sell my bike to the next sucker who came along.

It really is that simple. What if they doubled the price of cable? Surely at some point you walk away. They are blacked out in the local area. You should be able to watch them, for free, without cable TV. I really missed watching last year and this year, considered getting cable from pre-season to Superbowl….

If we wanted to bike ride, do some writing, getting some form of exercise, or etc then we would be doing that already.. The real issue is replacing cable with a better and more cost effective form of television watching. That fact actually opens the door to more people wanting to travel. The real questions are at what cost are we willing to pay, which tv shows are best in showing us the treasures of the world which will actually persuade us to travel more and learn about places to travel to that we have not heard of before and which provider gives us the best options for cable alternatives.

You mentioned Roku, and that is a great option although a bit pricey. Check out Google Fiber at https: The only reason why I pay for cable is because of the sports. Actually European Football or Soccer as we call it here. We got rid of our Comcast because I am tired of paying for — channels when most people only watch 5 or 6 channels max. If enough people keep cutting their service, there will have to be some changes to their service.

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Hulu is a streaming TV service that offers a unique mix of original TV content and traditional cable programming. Sling TV is one of the most popular alternatives to cable TV. This is a streaming device that you access to find your apps and put all your subscription packages in one place.

If you are interested in a more advanced device, check out the Roku 3! There is no annual contract and no annual fees, so your cost is fixed and there are no surprises.

HD Antennas are another option that exists when it comes to cutting the cord. HD antennas are quite a contrast when compared to the antennas of old. Often, when these old antennas picked up channels, they came in fuzzy and with the sound that may or may not have worked. These technologically advanced devices will give you HD quality reception for the channels that they pick up in your area.

Depending on your area, you can up more than 60 channels just buy buying the antenna and setting it up in your living room! If you are concerned about having to erect a satellite dish on the outside of your home or office, rest easy! It is accessed through many different internet connected devices or a handful of web browsers. Some cable customers are actively seeking alternatives to their cable TV programming.

Cutting the cord is enticing because some of those services offer you quite a bit of channels, while also helping to save you the high costs of expensive cable TV packages. Another nice perk, especially with Sling TV, is that you can cherry pick the channels that matter to you and pay for those.

Alternatives to Cable TV

The Best Alternatives to Cable TV Some cable customers are actively seeking alternatives to their cable TV programming. Cutting the cord is enticing because some of those services offer you quite a bit of channels, while also helping to save you the high costs of expensive cable TV packages. Searching for cable TV alternatives? Interested in seeing if you can cut the cord? With services like Netflix, Sling TV & CBS All Access today, its easy! Hulu with Live TV is particularly good at recommending new content, and its interface is one of the most colorful and navigable in the cable-replacement sphere.