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You've found the right place to discuss everything that's happening in the Big Brother 19 house. Are they still together? Thank you for joining us for another season of Big Brother. Dick gets into with them also. Cast, house theme and all details on last series. All donations are greatly appreciated. Rylan Clark Rylan Clark-Neal faces terrifying showdown with spider so huge it's 'got a face'.

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Big Brother 2018 May News Roundup

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Big Brother 20 Live Feed Highlights For Week 6: Level 6 Struggles With A Huge Decision Big Brother Secret Advantages That Shook Up The House If You Love Big Brother, You Won't Want To Miss All The BB Stories On Social. Big Brother series presented by Emma Willis and Rylan Clark, on Channel 5. It's not too late to watch the Big Brother 20 house guests do what they do inside the Big Brother house with the CBS Big Brother 20 Live Feeds with CBS All Access. Don't miss a minute of ALL the DRAMA inside the Big Brother 20 house.