Install Windows 8.1/8/7/Xp On Android Mobile/Tablet Dual Boot Using Change My Software

Part 1. Best Mobile Hacking Apps

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Part 2. Best Hacking Tools for Windows, Linux, And OS X

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So do not worry about any warning your dumb anti-virus gives about WAT Remover. If the anti-virus does not allow WAT Remover to run then disable it the anti-virus first. Many users have reported that it worked for them in activating Windows Vista, Win 8, Win 8.

So try it in your PC and let others know if it worked for you via comments. If Windows somehow after update or else again starts to show as non-genuine and prompt for registration at start up, then you will have to restore the WAT first and repeat the above process once again. Update September — Unfortunately Box. I will send you the new download link of Remove WAT. Update — You may also refer to this post for a new Windows 8 activator. I have sent the download link at the email ID you commented with.

I have always had the popup saying Windows is not genuine and taking me off full screen games just to say it. I got so fed up earlier on I nearly actually bought it then thought, lets find a crack. I upgraded my genuine Win 7 Basic to Ultimate online, and thought Great! I will be posting here if I encounter any problems on the long run, but it seems to do the job perfectly for now. Brilliant…At last a site with no crap and everything works….

Does this work with that? Unable to download Wat from anywhere else, only succeed in downloading load of other useless ad dons along with shortcut only of Wat. Your version,ion would be much appreciated. You would have got the software by now if a valid email was submitted with your comment. I send download link of WAT Remover to email addresses on an average per day. Unfortunately you could not differentiate between a scammer and a genuine blogger.

You could try to run the WAT remover 2. First use the option restore WAT, and restart. Then run it again remove wat. Also make sure to remove the MS update KB it performs a validation process for the copy of windows that is running on your computer.. Where could be the problem? I have Win 7 Ultimate. It looks like your Antivirus or Windows Defender is causing problem.

Hello, I am having the same problem with my PC as other folks. The message keeps popping up. This copy of windows is not genuine. Windows 7 Build I am using Windows 7 Professional. I even modified the reset for the rearm thing through the regedit. It worked for a while. And it is now saying I have to reinstall Windows 7 again. What I have read about this software has been pretty good but I have also heard of a program called Windows Loader v 1. Could you please recommend what your thoughts are about this and could you please send me the link for the download to the one you think is best for my situation?

There are quite a few Windows Loader programs out there but unfortunately they do not work universally i. I have sent you the download link. Please send me the wat remover as soon as you can, I tried to find it myself, but ended up with tons of malware which I have trouble cleaning up now.

You must be tired of it by now, but I see You still respond -bravo! So, hey, can I have one of them, too? No dear, I am not tired! Actually I love to help my readers. If I had any problem I would have deleted it. This post gets many comments daily which are not published because they are identical link-request type. However I send download link to all of them. Just commenting to test if comment system is fake or not, just want to make sure the good reviews are genuine.

Hey Shoaib, In order to shorten a long story, I will suffice in saying I hate people who assume they need your stuff more than you do. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I feel somewhat constrained to say the least.

Hence I would be much obliged Shoaib. It is already activated so WAT Remover will do nothing in such case. I have sent you the WAT Remover download link — check your mail! I hope this helps. I have been reading your article and posts and replies.

You are helping so many people. DAZ January 26, , 9: DAZ January 27, , 3: Yes you should activate antivirus after restart your pc. Legger0 January 27, , 1: DAZ February 4, , 1: Aulya Aryansyah February 9, , 7: Oscar Lara February 9, , DAZ February 10, , 2: Shailendra February 13, , 4: DAZ February 13, , 5: No need disable,You can use auto updates.

DAZ February 21, , 5: Double click on iso file, then you can see the kmspico setup. DK February 22, , Luwis February 26, , 3: Grateful to see all the comments , thanks it will surely work on my 64bit windows 10 home.

NickNack March 1, , 6: Hi does this nice Tool work on Server ? DAZ March 1, , 2: Mgc March 3, , 7: DAZ March 4, , 3: Bkp March 6, , 1: DAZ March 6, , 8: Ladislav March 6, , 7: Sorry for disturbance we have fixed the link. Bkp March 9, , 4: Kmspico can activate windows 10 pro 64 bit.

Jake March 10, , DAZ March 14, , 3: DAZ March 15, , 3: Double click on it then you can see the exe file. Jacky March 18, , Hi March 20, , 5: Florencio March 21, , DAZ March 23, , 2: Undying March 22, , Aditya Dutt March 22, , JOJO March 27, , 7: DAZ March 27, , 8: Jim March 28, , 8: DAZ March 29, , 5: Harold March 28, , 2: Ash March 29, , 6: HARI March 29, , 6: Mateusz March 30, , Alex April 1, , DAZ April 9, , 9: Yes after activation you can use any kind of windows update.

Morshef April 8, , 6: ZO April 11, , Mohammed April 12, , 2: Muhammad April 13, , 9: Ayon April 22, , 5: Did not work when I trying to activate Win7, others above 8 are fine.

Manoj Kumar April 22, , DAZ April 23, , 2: David April 25, , 2: Rajeev Gupta April 26, , Leon Unger April 28, , 9: DAZ April 29, , 5: Khayleb April 29, , 4: OpenWorld May 1, , 8: Himon May 1, , DAZ May 3, , 3: Mamta May 8, , Hi DAZ team, Thank you for providing this amazing tool. Ibrahim May 9, , 6: Hi Daz, Thanks for the tool.

DAZ May 13, , 4: Hi ibrahim, you can use windows updates after activation with kmspico. Nick Georgiou May 10, , 4: Lotus May 12, , Stefan May 14, , Skella May 15, , 3: DAZ May 16, , 4: Michael Indra S May 16, , 7: Hi Daz, The download link in sendspace is dead. Could you provide the new one? Aspirational May 16, , Thanks for the regards: We fixed the link..

Bob May 18, , 3: Coolguy May 18, , 5: Hi, Can you fix the link? Matheus May 20, , Punyacharan May 20, , 8: DAZ May 20, , 8: Carding May 22, , 4: DAZ May 28, , 2: Md alleser May 25, , 4: James May 25, , 1: Mikeyd May 26, , 9: James May 28, , 2: Jeff May 31, , 1: First of all, thanks. Second… link is broken once again. DAZ June 1, , 1: Gary June 1, , Thanks so much,, I activated two computers to win 10 pro, and they both work great…. Alex June 2, , 9: Kmsauto or kmspico which is the best u create so far …DAZ?

DAZ June 6, , 4: Alex June 9, , 3: DAZ June 12, , 8: Ciocsy June 3, , 9: You should enable virusguard after installation. John June 5, , Sarthak June 6, , 7: Salma June 6, , 9: Dr Barbz June 9, , 3: Minh June 10, , 1: NOEL June 13, , Kenneth June 13, , Its asking for a password when Im trying to extract it.

DAZ June 15, , 3: Tunde June 17, , 8: I can not open the rar file , what is a password? DAZ June 19, , 8: DAZ June 21, , 5: Rahul June 20, , 4: AKS June 21, , Bilal July 3, , 2: It asked password to open for setup to start why it happens for my trial? DAZ July 3, , 3: DAZ July 7, , 1: Shray July 9, , 6: Ivan July 9, , 8: Andrew damn July 10, , Abdul July 10, , 6: Thank you so much for this awsome software.

Nath July 11, , Kamruzzaman July 14, , 7: Such a great tool for windows lovers. Thanks a lot to DAZ team for their awesome works. Mack July 15, , 8: Great work Thanks a lot Do you also provide similar patches for Linux softwares too? DAZ July 18, , Rafi July 16, , 4: Cock licker July 18, , 7: Shaik Khaleel July 19, , 8: Can it activate office professional plus ?

DAZ July 19, , 4: Iftikhar Ahmed July 22, , 6: DAZ July 24, , 3: Moza July 22, , 8: DAZ August 3, , 3: No it dosent affect windows if it is already active. Gado ageh lot July 29, , Suyash August 1, , You Guys are the best. Benjamine August 11, , Reagan August 12, , 5: Sue August 15, , 8: Chris August 19, , 9: DAZ August 21, , 6: Kyaw San Nyein August 28, , 3: This program is great, but you have to install it carefully. Andie September 4, , Dapper September 8, , This is a must have tool.

Risman September 11, , 7: DAZ September 15, , 4: Piyush Raghuvanshi September 27, , 1: Yangu Godfrey September 29, , So good and responds well to my computer.

Mickey October 1, , Teekay October 2, , 9: Harry October 2, , 9: DAZ October 5, , 3: Takahara October 2, , 9: Can anyone tell me does KMS works on Apple? If i install Office will it work as activation? If you running windows os instead of mac os yes ofcourse it works. Sominath Shelke October 3, , 6: Hari October 9, , Garuda October 16, , 4: It is very best activator comparison to other. Janek October 28, , 1: Is it for real?

Will my comment be published? Rakib Hasan November 15, , 6: Russiya November 17, , 6: Nanan November 20, , 7: Carlos Mario December 7, , 7: Anon December 27, , DAZ January 12, , 3: Arif January 11, , 8: Justin January 13, , 4: You should setup a dontation page for keeping this updated.

DAZ January 16, , 5: Thanks for your support justin we just doing this for free. Liam January 16, , 9: DAZ January 24, , 3: Dan March 6, , Esteban January 23, , 7: Here are few key points to justify the great Opera Browser;.

With these features, the Opera Browser seem to be unstoppable. The security protocols are slick and the content browsing through the app is securely manageable by the users.

It is one of the best Browsers that any techie would recommend for simple and efficient use. Many PC devices come with their own browser choices and most of the users tend to adjust with that as their only chance to browsing the web.

Well, that is long gone by now. We want to tell our readers that with advancement in technology and development in the application Software world has lead to a significant change. This means that it is a good news for all Opera Browser lovers. We will get to the download link and steps in a minute, but first, we would like to put up the system requirements for your Windows PC device. This compatibility check is mandatory to see whether the download version of the app will work in the Windows PC device that you have.

Here are the points to consider this;. Now, with these requirements in control, any Windows PC user can get the downloading procedure of the Opera Browser done.

Fortunately, the Opera Browser download is available through the official website of Opera. We will guide you to get there and successfully get through the whole procedure. Here are the steps for the Windows PC user to download the browser on their device;.

With just these simple steps, you will be ready with the best browser of the world. Just follow the steps above and get your Opera Browser. Before going to the download steps, we request you to check these system requirements first.

To make sure if your Mac OS device is compatible the app or not, you need to crosscheck the following points;. With these requirements tackled down, without any further delay, we will get down to the download procedure. Follow these steps as they are given to download and install it on the Mac OS device;. With the fast processors of the Mac OS, this browser works like a miracle. Share this information with all your Mac OS device holder friends so that they can too enjoy the browser with exclusive features.

As good as the official app download sounds, it sill is time-consuming to complete the process. So, we have another method in line for our readers to get the Opera Browser download using the Bluestacks application as an Android Emulator. The Android emulator is an application that helps the users to run the Android apps on the PC devices. If you have one on your device then its good but if you do not have one, then you will have to download it for your device.

Here are the steps to follow for the whole process;. Although the direct application download seems to be a better choice, if you do have an emulator and the APK file for Opera Browser, then you will easily be able to execute this method.

Just like the other operating systems, the Linux-based Ubuntu system is also compatible with the Opera browser download. So, in this section of the article, we will describe the steps for the Ubuntu users to download and install the Opera Browser for their PC devices.

Before we move to the steps though, we would like to draw your attention towards the system requirements before you actually execute the procedure. This is important to check with every device and application before you perform the download. Hence, here are the points of the requirements:.

The system requirements are actually simple to maneuver, but the steps are even more easy to perform. So, follow these steps accordingly to easily get the browser on your device. The Opera Browser is good, but it still has some flaws in it. There are several reasons associated with this and so we would like to put up all the options for our readers on the table.

We have put up a small collection of few great alternatives of the Opera Browser for your respective devices. We request our readers to read this information and then decide or you can look up the internet to search for more Alternatives to the Opera Browser for your device. Updating your Internet browser is really important in terms of both security measures and to ensure that the loading process is efficient in response.

With Opera Browser, there are two modes of the updating process. The system of Opera Browser is such that it allows users to either, automatically get the updates or manually install the upgrades. In this section, we will guide you through both the methods of updating so that our readers get the idea for making the upgrades.

Here are the two methods, elaborated with steps for the same;. We think these steps are well explained and all our readers have understood the process. In the next section of the article, we will discuss some of the major upgrades with our readers. With time, the versions of the Opera Browser have been upgraded to better configurations. We are here to let you know about some of these major changes that occurred with the Opera system.

The Opera was initiated back in as a research project at Telenor. Here are some of those major upgrades that we would like to tell our readers about;. The updates are still in progress with several prototypes on the go. Developers are working on projects which will bring in more network processing and secure browsing due to rise in internet crimes that are predictions of the future concepts.

Opera Portable Edition is on of the fastest, most modifiable browsers on a portable drive which you can use on any computer. Opera Browser is fast and free for use, with advanced browsing, sharing and personalization options in it. The Portable edition of the Opera browser stands alone and is packaged in a portable browser version that you can always have at hand on a USB drive.

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