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75 of the BEST, Most Inspirational Kickass Quotes on Life, Love, Happiness, Change & Growth.
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I seperated from my husband and brought my five children with me………. My children now are all educated and doing very. Amanda, time to realise your worth, let him off with or without the car, karma will catch up with him. It will bite him after you have moved on to more fulfilling things. We reap what we sow and so will you. I wish you a great life.

And yet now, I can actually smile, with my head held high and move on to find greener pastures. Wow, i like them all i post some of them in my twitter. Love, Life, Happiness, Sadness and more but i feel that they are not usefull cuz nobody read them they are so nice my friend read it and she like it alot she asked me to put it on the internet But…..

Im sure there will be many ppl who wud want to read your quotes so cmon put it on web.. When the going gets tough the tough get going. In life some time we see a reflections of our self through some one, then we learn to not repeat that to others to create pain or make life harder for our self and others. My problem is I keep stopping to ask for directions. I love dis quotes i read them all, but i no is good to be in love with person u like so much.

Am in a house with a man that can not give me what i want i mean money and sex. The quotes you have shared here are very good and motivating esspecially the last one. Keep yp the good work. A relationship with a girl thats of a very bad attitude,talks shit to me knowing it was tough for me to leave,always finding herself each in the company of men,some of which she confessed during one of her helpless states that she kissed when we had problems.

Things never get better any day. There are times i see for myself the rumors of she having fan with grown men at the swimming pool,riding in their cars etc. Trust me,their were much more heart breaking staffs but its always been had to break up. My worry is we are both in the same institution and i dont get much of her attention during vacations and we dont even get to meet,which i wanna believe she would let go of me soon as we complete school june.

What do u guys think please? Can you accept my definition about life????? I love him so much…and he does not at all……. After knowing also that he does not loves me I am waiting for a magic lamp to light the lamp in his hearth…. I am in love wit a gal who is working wit me in my office. She is the one who approached me first and started talking to me. Now everything got changed and she said that we can be Frds. So she stopped chatting and looking at me and now making fun of me with her colleagues for the messages and emails that I have sent during her absence.

But I feel like there is something good or great in loving someone blindly and keep on waiting for her..!! I would love to receive your qutoes whenerver you send them out. Please send to my email address:. Let it be and free, so that you can do it freely to your life as in LIFE. Succcess is not Final. Failure is not Fatal. It is the Courage to Continue that counts. Need to think what is blocking our mind to make a prompt action…..

This qoutes really give the courage to change my life and to love and appreciate the world. More love to change myself and my world. Chivalry is not dead ladies and gentleman. Gandy March 3, This quotes are really great!

I was looking for something for my team — how to keep standing against the ever changing circumstances of children. This help me to show them the way. People will hate you, rate you, shake you, and break you. Pick every flaw you have just to make THEM feel better. They might think of how annoying, ugly, and stupid you are.

But why care what they think! Just be happy XD Be your self. Every single day i live i feel myself no reason to live. But the day i go through this pages the extravagance in the words makes me relax from embarrassment i live with.

There is nothin in this world that would make me down again. So thank you so much and long live inpirational quote. These r good quotes….. I wish these quotes couldve helped but they only left me torn…. These words are words of wisdom….. Thanks for the comment, love hearing from enthusiastic, aware people like you! The pics illustrate the meaning and worth of the quotes further and better.

I collect these quotes for our school and write it on a common board everyday for everyone to see and inspire. Its bee quite helpful. I have a project now…. I love how you have combined a great collection of inspirational quotes with a variety of powerful images — this combination really allows the quotations to sink in. Appreciate the thoughtful comment, it took me hoursss to do this and was a moment of pure inspiration from 11pm — 5am one September night in !

Rock on my friend. This is a mind opening. The inspiration you give me, its more then the world could offer me. The serenity prayer is by St Francis of Assisi …. Everyone has to struggle even though some humans have to struggle more than others to achieve their dream.

It always depends on how high and how wide you want to go with your dream for how many struggles you will have. I really liked the quote, they keep reminding one self that we here to live this life and face different challeges it contains. I was going to do something terrible with my life because of some recent problems that I encountered.

Your quotes gave me a new vision and attitude towards the life. I will now do what is correct and needs to be done to the situation to correct rather than ending it forever.

I am so happy to hear that, Harsh!! Your life is precious and amazing, please treat it as such. Tap into your inner strength and never give up on yourself! You are here for a reason and make a difference whether you know it or not. Take care xo, Tia. I love the inspirational quotes.

Thanks so much for sharing. Do you mind if I borrow some? I have a small forum and would love to use some on my Inspirational Quote thread. Very thoughtful and helpful advice, for inspiration and personal development. Hi , Find your blog very informative. As I am also running a similar blogs on Quotes. Would like you visit my blog as well and suggest me to improve it.. Will visit your blog regularly. Ask yourself what kind of children you are leaving in this world.

Your life is like an empty book. The front cover,your birth, the back your death. The story you put in the middle is upto you. Yesterday is behind us Todays almost over and Tomorrow aint promised to us so stay bleesed keep smileing an stay positive. People have always critisized me for being an extreme optimist and i love reading things like this bc it just reinforces the positive energy inside me.

Your website, hard-work, passion and care is cheering me up and giving me a needed perspective when needed. Life is a lion fight. So chin up, put your shoulders back, walk proud, strut a little. I read them everyday because the quotes motivates me every day and also improvises me in thinking positive. If love is what you seek, then do not expect to find it.

If hope is what you want, then look high and low, and if peace is what you need, look within yourself. Thank you for the wonderful quotes. I enjoyed reading everyone of them.

Please keep writing them. I stumbled on this website by accident and so glad I did. Some of these are exactly what I need right now. Thought provoking as well as stimulating enough to go for it. Keep Smiling and Stay Winning. I use your inspirational thoughts to encourage my hospice volunteers.

Thank you so much. Pamela Chaffin Hospice Volunteer Coordinator. For inspirational quotes I also recommend The Reader Facebook page. I believe thoughts become things,and therefor I promise myself to think positive and persevere with my dreams. I really like this website of positive life quotes and think your website readers would enjoy a book called The Little Things and Such. Its a writing journal with motivational poems and quotes and reflection questions.

Really did love it. Try to enjoy the every moment of life. Think about 2day not 4 future,…cause 2day is the future. One is though nothing is a miracle, the other is that everything is a miracle. Hi Tia, Thanks for sharing these beautiful quotes, they are such an inspiration! I think it call retail therapy and I totally agree with Gertrude!

Thanks for the thought seriously. Some thoughts are often related to my life n it also inspire me that how to come out from the deep problems seriously thank you so much n really u r doing a nice job. Your past matters but your present matters than your past and your future matter most than your present. If u want your present to be better than your past, correct your past, if you want your future to far better than your present; work on your present…..

Hi Tia I just read your quotes today. These helped me to lift my spirit up… Keep on creating such beautiful quotes…. Your collection of quotes were like a sweet fresh rain falling on my overworked, dried out brain. I came out refreshed and ready to meet the day.

I wish you would continue to find more quotes to publish because the world has become a cesspool of stagnant thoughts. We all need comments that lift us instead of pulling us down into the mire.

Tia , feeling good to read all articles.. These quotes could be applied to so many diff life situations! I run a relationships website and each and every quote here should be heard by a heartbroken-devastated-depressed-sad person. Those who feel like they are stuck in an unhappy relationship should understand that it is THEM who can make that change! I did everything they told me to do. Im so alone, and I know theres other people like me, but where.

I physically, emotionally, and mentally cannot do this thing called living anymore. We see them the way WE are — Talmud This is so true. If we have negativity in our mind, we will never able to see any good thing. Having a positive attitude for life is the key to real happiness. Your Life Your Way — 75 Best Kickass inspirational quotes on life love happiness change and gr…I hope you enjoyed this post.

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There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. How you do one thing, is how you do everything.

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.

Comments Wonderful stuff thanks Tia. I like your qoutes. How can i get some? Thanks for putting that together! I rang the doorbell didn't I. What's the difference between a drug dealer and a prostitute? The prostitute can wash her crack and sell it again. Sex is never the answer.

Sex is the question and yes is the answer. I was at the mall wearing a skirt and a guy says to me, 'Dam nice legs. I like happiness inside me. One day, a space ship landed in a farmer's field and a Martian man and his wife got out and introduced themselves to the farmer and his wife.

As a token of his friendship, the farmer immediately invited the Martian couple in his home and begged them to stay for the evening and have dinner, so the Martians agreed. Later that night, the Martian man explained how, on their planet, it was customary to swap partners as a token of friendship. The farmer, not wanting to offend his alien neighbors, readily agreed.

The Martian then man took the farmer's wife into one bedroom while the farmer took the Martian woman into another. They had been having sex for about an hour when the Martian man asked the farmer's wife, "Well, how do you like having sex with a Martian? How does it feel? About an hour later, the Martian man asked the farmer's wife again "How does it feel now?

The next morning, after their alien neighbors had left, the farmer and his wife were having coffee at the breakfast table and the farmer asked his wife "How was the Martian man? What did one saggy boob say to the other saggy boob..?

Jack and Jill went up the hill to smoke some marijuana. Jack got high, unzipped his fly and they had a little fun, Jill forgot to take the pill and now they have a son! Whats the only thing that can come between redneck brothers? What do a rubix cone and a d! The more you play with it the harder it gets???????????? What do you get when you combine a penis, a potato and Kim Jong Un?

A young woman goes to see her doctor. Doctor says, how can i help you today , she replies i have a nasty rash on my body i got on holiday-i'm not sure what it might be. The Atomic Comics store in the film is based on the now-defunct real-life Arizona-based chain whose owner, Millar said, is a friend of artist John Romita Jr.

Australian Family Association spokesman John Morrissey said that "the language [was] offensive and the values inappropriate; without the saving grace of the bloodless victory of traditional superheroes". This caused Tookey to claim that he was a victim of cyber-bullying. I'd be stuck in my room until I was 20! I would never in a million years say that. I'm an average, everyday girl. Christopher Mintz-Plasse expressed surprise that people were angry about the language but did not seem to be offended that Hit-Girl kills numerous people.

In an interview with Total Film , Aaron Johnson confirmed that the film stays true to the adult nature of the comic series by featuring a large amount of profanity and graphic violence. The film received an R rating by the MPAA for "strong brutal violence throughout, pervasive language, sexual content, nudity and some drug use—some involving children", and it received a 15 rating from the BBFC. These numbers for Kick-Ass ' s debut weekend gross included non-weekend earnings, as the film was previewed during the Thursday night prior to its release.

The film was listed among the most infringed films of ; according to statistics on TorrentFreak , the film was illegally downloaded over The site's consensus reads: In the United Kingdom, The Guardian gave the film extensive coverage by several of its critics and journalists. Christopher Tookey of the Daily Mail said, "Don't be fooled by the hype: This crime against cinema is twisted, cynical, and revels in the abuse of childhood".

Peter Howell of the Toronto Star gave Kick-Ass a top rating, writing that the production "succeeds as a violent fantasy about our perilous and fretful times, where regular citizens feel compelled to take action against a social order rotting from within. Even as she wields outlandish weaponry, she comes off as adorable. In Film Journal International , former Marvel Comics writer Frank Lovece said the "delightfully dynamic" film "actually improves on the comic by not metaphorically kicking in our hero's teeth Other reviews were more negative.

Roger Ebert found the film highly offensive and "morally reprehensible", giving it one out of four stars. He cited the coarse language and violence, particularly the scene in which Hit-Girl is nearly killed by D'Amico.

The movie made that week's "Your Movie Sucks" list of one-star movies. Karina Longworth writing for The Village Voice , was not impressed with the film's intended satire and themes: In an interview, Matthew Vaughn said, "There is about 18 minutes of [deleted] footage, which is really good stuff. If the film is a hit, I'll do an extended cut. This version does not contain the aforementioned deleted content.

After its release on home video, it developed a cult following. The game features Facebook missions and integration. Despite various setbacks and uncertainty as to whether the sequel would ever materialize, on 8 May , it was reported that a sequel would be distributed by Universal Studios , and that Matthew Vaughn had chosen Jeff Wadlow , who also wrote the script, to direct the sequel.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about a film. For the unrelated file-trading site, see KickassTorrents. Jane Goldman Matthew Vaughn.

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Archived from the original on 26 March They wanted to change the Hit Girl character to be, like, 25 years old. Retrieved 28 January Retrieved 22 February Retrieved 13 April I would love to. I can't say anything about [the ending], but I would love to be Hit-Girl twice, three times, four times in my life.

Sugar and spice, punches and the odd four-letter word, when they're the surprise star of Kick-Ass ". Lauro Londe Talks Kick-Ass". Archived from the original on Retrieved 2 August Retrieved 13 November Retrieved 24 August Retrieved 18 April Britain's debt to American action films is underlined by this violent comedy about a superhero with no superpowers". A hilarious, very violent black comedy puts a new twist on superheroics". A violent, five-alarm, four-star fantasy". Retrieved 19 April Retrieved 16 April


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