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The Bottom Line If you're looking to create a fast and highly customizable home network with advanced features, look no further than the RTAC. Taliban insurgents launched separate attacks on Afghan security forces in the country's north, killing at least 52, provincial officials said Monday. The Synology RTac might be the best thing that's ever happened to home networking A url within your app. Nested Views for those.

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Currently Synology offers eight free apps with more to come. The router also supports packages developed by third parties. And of course, if you don't want any of these, you can uninstall them at anytime. It's important to note that each of these free apps are extremely well-designed, comprehensive and deserves a separate review of its own.

The Intrusion Prevention package can protect your home network in various ways. It also gives detailed reports and analysis, including the ability to pinpoint on a world map where detected threats are coming from. By the way, since the router doesn't have a lot of built-in storage space, you need a USB external hard drive or an SD card the router has two USB ports and one SD card slot before you can install most of the packages. Once you've given it some extra storage space, the router will also work as a robust network storage server, very similar to a dedicated NAS server from Synology such as the DS Play.

That makes it easy to share or stream data to multiple devices. One other cool thing about those packages: And you can choose to use an account with Synology for convenience's sake or create your own remote access to the router so you can use these mobile apps without the router being connected to Synology at all. Looking for a Wi-Fi router that has it all? With top speeds and added features for gaming, security and network prioritization, the The Asus Blue Cave smart router is the whole package with style, speed, security and all The new Google Wifi is here, finally.

Is it worth the wait? Here's CNET's full review. No redundant work is done. Click a link with ui-sref directive. Navigate to the state's url if provided. Generates href attr during compile if url exists. The path is relative to the state that the link lives in. In other words the state that loaded the template containing the link.

By default, urls are appended to parent state urls. Provides flexibity You get to have multiple views in any template Great for singleton top-level components side panel, modal Many devs put them to great use! Often unnecessary, try to nest first! Leading cause of confusion Can lead to antipatterns but I'll give you some good tips on how to avoid them. Each key is a view name , e ach value is a view config object.

Filters, table data, and graphs. Splitting every possible quadrant of your app into a view. I'm not saying this is bad for sure. What quadrants are dependent on other quadrants? Nested Views for those. Are multiple quadrants dependent on same parent? Can they share scope? Then share single view and nest it. Or maybe need encapsulation unshared scope? A state that cannot be explicitly activated.

It is activated implicity when one of its descendants are activated. To prepend a url to all child state urls. To set a template its child states will populate.

Optionally assign a controller to the template. Just don't expect it to be more than an excellent Wi-Fi router. For those than can do more than routing, check out those on this list of other It looks more like a computer speaker or a Thermos than a router. On the front the router has two round green LEDs that show power and Internet statuses.

There are no other status lights for the network ports, which some users might miss. Basically, you plug the router into an outlet, connect its WAN port to an Internet source with an network cable one is included with the router. Use another cable to connect a computer to one of the router's LAN ports.

If you don't have a second cable, you can also use a Wi-Fi client such as a computer or a tablet and connected to the router's default Wi-Fi networks. The router comes with a label with this information printed on it.

Now, you have two options. Or, from the connected computer, launch a browser and you will be greeted with a Web-based setup wizard that walks you through the process via a few simple steps. You can always go back to the router's Web interface by pointing a browser from a connected computer to its default IP address, which is The default log-in information, unless you have changed it, is admin for the username with the password being left blank.

Technically, after the setup wizard, you don't have to do anything else to use the router, and this is the case for homes. If you want to further customize your home network or take advantage of the router's other features, the Web interface accommodates all of that.

The new router is a true dual-band router with support for the three-stream setup for the This means it offers up to Mbps on the 2.

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Check Network Status Wherever You Are. With the ASUS Router app, you can see the status of your AiMesh 5 network and how many Wi-Fi points are connected. It also lets you keep an eye on both network traffic and connected devices from anywhere, giving you reassurance that your network is running smoothly and providing instant feedback in . An extensive library of filters include categories like Games, Social Media, and Pornography, as well popular sites and apps like Facebook, Netflix, and Snapchat. UI-Router is an angularjs replacement module for ngRoute. It builds upon ngRoute's features by adding nested views and states capabiliites as well as the ability to have multiple named views at any level in the state tree.