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Mikrotik VPN Client Connections – PPTP
How about an example? You can safely close this port to reduce your attack profile but you will need to train your users to type in the full URL of https: This will allow you to securely access your network remotely by creating a secure tunnel over the internet. Thanks in Advance, Indra, Are you trying to print from the hub site to the remote or are you printing from the remote to the hub site. If no match is found the records are returned in the order defined by the rrset-order or its default value cyclic. In the above example if a query returns a CNAME pointing to the domain name or any subdomain of either example. The example above defines hostmaster example.

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To do so ensure that uPnP is enabled on your firewall and run the Internet Address Management Wizard — it will do the rest. If however you, like me are more security conscious, you will want to manually make any changes to your firewall settings and you will want to disable uPnP.

So if you are going to control things manually you will need to have the following ports open. Certain ports such as port 25 and may well need additional configuration to secure them in the best manner. Port 25 — is required for all SMTP inbound mail. If you have no external email filtering or antispam software then you will need to leave this open for all external IPs.

If this port is NOT open then you will not be able to receive external email. Port 80 — does NOT need to be open at all in reality. Having this port open allows the user to type in remote. The server will immediately redirect the user to https: It is very easy to set up this type of config. There are a couple of other notes I will make, but as far as the configuration on the Mikrotik, that's about it.

Devices on the right router should use They will be able to see the This may be your desire, but it is important to note this fact. Reverse the above for devices on the left router. I've already mentioned the DHCP server. Note that IP addresses cannot be duplicated on either network. The EoIP tunnel will act just like a very long ethernet cable plugged into a switch at both ends of the tunnel. You are, literally, joining the 2 networks into ONE network.

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I bought a VPN access and I have been able to connect it to a windows OS and successfully shared it on my local network about 4 computers and it worked fine i was hoping I would be able to do the same on the mikrotik, I has been able to connect the mikrotik to the VPN network but I dont know how to share over the net work.

This depends a little on how your access works. If that is the case, then I suspect that the reason it is not working is either related to your NAT rule or default route. Do I need to create 70 different tunnels or can I point all the routers at the remote sites to the same EoIP tunnel corporate office? Cisco TAC likely gets a handful of cases related to this If these examples don't fit your scenario post your specifics and we can customize a config for you.

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All versions, both directions.

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Is it possible to setup PPTP VPN traffic (clients outside and server inside) to passthrough a Cisco ASA if the outside IP address is also being used for PAT? The Cisco examples forward all NAT. Alright my peoples. This one will show you how to do a simple PPTP setup on your Mikrotik and even how to configure your Windows machine to connect to said PPTP server. 12 Responses to “Mikrotik RouterOS transparent bridge using PPtP and EoIP” bukkieboy Says: June 30th, at am. Hello. I bought a VPN access and I have been able to connect it to a windows OS and successfully shared it on my local network (about 4 computers) and it worked fine i was hoping I would be able to do the same on .