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Yea it really seems like they are, using a proxy, I just loaded a 5 minute video in under 2 seconds, while without proxy it loaded 5 seconds of video in over a minute. From what some have said it seems to be Cox throttling, but not directly on the user side, but on the link between Cox and YT. I do appreciate your work and I do agree that you have a lot of more features and settings. All other videos are fine any time of day. I could bust out wireshark as well, but if I can get that info from the pfSense box, I would actually really like it for other things as well, so will try and find something that way. All web browsing is fine any other time of day. Rules of Submission Before asking for help please do the following:

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Did any of those help block YouTube video ads? I loaded up a bunch of videos yesterday before I posted in IE no plugins and didn't see any ads. I don't use chrome which has been known to bypass adblockers so I'm honestly at a loss here So no way to block such ads from the router since its all part of the feed and I'd need to basically do a MITM attack to remove such data from the streams? Right click on an AD in the browser, and click "Inspect" That will let you know what Domain name is serving the AD Not talking about those ads.

The ones that play before the video or are popups during the video. These are the ones I am seeing that uBlock Origin can block. The ones you are mentioning are blocked. I no longer see those. From what I understand of both, youtube ads come in ipv6 and are usually impossible to block using pfblockerng since they use host files and the like to block normal ads. Ublockorigin from what I remember, inserts itself in between your connection and youtube and blocks the ads from rolling. I may be incorrect but that is what I remember.

So uBlock Origin and other ad blockers do some fancy stuff that requires integration with the browser to block those ads? But that should still block IPv6 right? Also, I can block IPv6 specifically if I choose. I'll have to look into this I specifically use pihole on my network and works amazingly.

I tried pfblockerng and ads got through in spots pihole covered up. As far as youtube, Google does some things now like sending ads over https and also having the ads come from the videos ip address instead of a seperate domain or ip. By doing that it almost comes as a preroll.

Like the last post those things were stuff I'm remembering when I was looking up information for the same stuff you are. For all intents and purposes, so far only youtube ads inside the videos seem to get past pfBlockerNG. I'd prefer to avoid setting up something else right now unless it has been known to fix my specific issue since it seems perfect aside from this one annoyance. Let me clarify, pihole stopped youtube ads, for instance, on Xbox one for me. They may deliver ads differently on Xbox one and thorough Google Cast since I've yet to see one while on pihole.

With pfblockerNG they got through on Xbox one somehoe. They also still get through on mobile WiFi, though adaway and an xposed module stopped that. I will be setting up pfsense on my home network since I upgraded the computer hosting it so I will see how it works then. Check out pihole though. It's an amazing little piece of software with some really great developers behind it! It may have been my setup and old caches still active.

I also think that pihole may use a slightly different way of blocking the ads that is more effective. This subreddit is primarily for the community to help each other out, if you have something you want the maintainers of the project to see we recommend posting in the appropriate category on our Netgate forum.

All other videos are fine any time of day. All web browsing is fine any other time of day. The situation is as follows: To the point that a 20 second video will stop over 5 times to load and need to be reset a few times drag back on the time bar.

Now this appears also to be time based: The pfSense box is fairly vanilla 2. All other videos at any time of the day work fine. Vimeo, gametrailers, ign, netflix, hulu, break, etc all work just fine, youtube is the only issue.

I tried even editing the hosts file adding entries for www. I have friends all over Phoenix reporting no unusual youtube slowdowns.

Tested both through speedtest. Reading around, most people say that Cox does not throttle youtube, also, I have never gotten a strike from them.

I honestly am not very accustomed with pfSense, I know there is so much more to it than what I use it for now.

I have a CCNA, so not a network noob, but i'm kinda scratching my head. Some say cox does not have enough bandwidth to YT, and the time relative slowdowns seems to tentatively agree with that. I must say that I used to have only 2 DNS servers 8. I noticed this yesterday when doing the upgrade and I added 8. I know it's no bueno to have only 1 DNS server, it should have had 2 from the start The tests for YT for now have been better. Not perfect, but better.

Then again it is not high time for YT use right now, so will have to test over the weekend if that did better. I'd use Cox's DNS servers btw. I used a prog to run ping test multiple times to hundreds of DNS servers and in my area Cox had the best response times, other than my local DNS server that is Cox, for me, was either having issues or purposely throttling YT for over a month , as using a proxy would load YT just fine. Hm, Cox's DNS have been rock solid for me for years.

No issues with Youtube either. Must be local to your area, south Louisiana works great. Yea it was an issue in my local area, so much so, that certain parts of the city were not affected.

The city holds 4 million people, so it was not really a "call tech support" thing. Yea it really seems like they are, using a proxy, I just loaded a 5 minute video in under 2 seconds, while without proxy it loaded 5 seconds of video in over a minute. This is what I am seeing on youtube. Since I am not actually running my own DNS, this means it was only the one google server. I know that they sometimes have issue, either for overloading of requests or what else, but I should have had another backup google DNS server IP, which mysteriously was gone.

I am not sure if I never put it in the more logical reason or it popped off, but I did add 8. Maybe Cox decided to up their resources for YT links, but, it's 4pm, a generally shit time for YT, and it's going well.


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