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Please bring back the witches of east end. I need to see where their lives go. Retrieved June 30, But the artists left in his wake don't stay down for long, opening a shop of their own called Loyal Ink. I was sooooo looking foward to seeing it. Despite his usual desire for hitting the clubs and dating hot women, things took a left turn when Rich was diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year. There are a lot of us that do LIKE the show.

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Who is with Wendy in the underworld and is Fyrea going to figure out Killian is Dash? Seriously lifetime bring the show back its one of your best shows ever. Dammit bring it back. That series was a gem. That show was the reason why I started watching lifetime channel. Major mistake on your part canceling. Bring it back please. What is the matter with u Lifetime? People have a point. How come so not about movies anymore? But he is hooked.

And they read comments also. Please please please, bring this show back!!! My whole family loves this show!!! Please listen to all the FANS!!! That LOVE this show and bring it back!!!!!

I mean it is just too great of a show to cancel!!! U have to bring this show back. Please bring this TV show back it was and is a great show!!!! How disappointing to end it the way you did as well!!!! We are the type who loves these kinds of shows Ghost Whisperer, Charmed, Etc. Me and my Grandmother both are so looking forward to many seasons to come!

I hope there is enough feedback for this series to be continued!!! Please bring it back!!! Please continue this show. They always cancel the series I really get into! Same thing with secret circle. This show has everything you could want in a season…. Really Lifetime… This is the best show ever. My daughter heart is so broken. I love this show and now you cancel it give it one more shot this show is awesome! Just watched both seasons and hooked only to find out they are cancelling.

Dont want to get hooked and it gets cancelled…bring it back!! At least give us closure. I would love to see season 3. Everyone in my family watches it. You have to complete the story. Please bring my show back Witches of East End.. It was the most interesting show on tv.. Please bring season three and complete the story. So many shows get canceled that leave us hanging. I look forward to it every week that it is on. I do not like the thought that we have to wait a whole year to watch it every time the season ends.

It is so unfair to cancel it and leave all of us who enjoy it hanging and not knowing what happens next. Please bring it back, I love that show!! Why do the networks do this, they put a good show on TV, and then they cancel it after people get into it and love it. What is wrong with the network people, you would rather have stupid selfish people on you networks than a good show that is exciting, even my husband watches this show with me!!!

I must know what happens with Dash and Killigan! Fraya has to know it not him! And come on a new baby on the show!!!! The girls have never lived this LONG! Let them keep living their lives. I NEED to know. Make a book or bring it back. You really have to bring this show back. I do not watch TV to see other people chose a husband they just met or live on an island with a bunch of strangers.

Witches of East End was great, it had drama mystery love and magic. Omg no season 3???? Great show why would you cancel it??? So many viewers love this show. Bring it back please!!! I am now a boycotting lifetime. Please give the show one more chance. This show has to be brought back on air!!!! I need to see where their lives go. This is my favorite show.

I love witches of east end!!!! What is wrong with you people? I have really enjoyed watching witches of east end on netflex. I was heartbroken when I found out it was cancelled. I really hope the show is renewed. The chemistry between the characters is amazing!!! It would be really disappointing to not know how the show ends. I will no longer gave my loyalty to networks that leave me hanging. Wrap up your series with a movie or miniseries ep. The Witches Of East End was awesome and then you just left us hanging!

Oh and dumb stupid game reality shows that young kids watch…. Bring back some of the shows you canceled or at least another channel should be able to pick them up. Why is it every show I get into they cancel it!! They are absolutely clueless. Theres so many awful shows out these days…. I just finished watching season 2 on Netflix and then I found out it was cancelled. I am so bummed.

I love this show! Its one of my absolute favorites! I just finished watching it today and looked up to see when season 3 would start. Imagine my surprise when I saw it had been canceled. Ridiculous to leave a show with that type of ending. That is happening more and more often.

I guess the networks do not have any respect for the viewers any more. I just watched both seasons in like less than a week.

I then get on the web to find out when the next season starts and I get the horrible news that the show has been cancelled. I read threw all the sadness and disappointments of all the people that love love love the show as much as I do!!! What do we all have to do to get a season 3!!!!??? I cant believe there is not a season 3. It is an awesome show. Great show and excellent story!!! One of the best shows ever!!

How could you cancel with such a cliff hanger. The fans deserves some finality. I hate starting to watch a new show and it ends up cancel.

Bring they show back and also bring Fredrick back just finished season 2 ….. Omg I just got into it on netflix! Dash and Killian… And Ingrid is pregnant! Very disappointed to find out this show is being cancelled. This is something that should be known before even making the season finale show a huge cliff hanger. My daughter and I love the show.

It seems all the good shows are cancelled and the trash is kept. Guess will two less people watching lifetime. At least show season 3 and wrap up the story. You owe the viewers closure. The same with Lottery, Carrie Diaries. Just show a few episodes to end the tale.

Let us all get along by not leaving your viewers hanging. Perhaps if more of us protest and refuse your future attempts at money over art you may be forced to listen. It was my favorite show! I watched it on Netflix in two days. Such an amazing show! We need to at least know how it ends!!! Please air season 3 who cares about how many viewers they lost what about the viewers that still watch the show.

I really love this show please air by I liked the show never missed one. You have got to be kidding why keep these reality shows? I truelly love the show. Read the books a few years back and when I found they created the tv series. Plz come back for season 3 or the actresses and the tv station will lose alot of great followers.

You wanna talk about ratings. I am very disappointed that they have cancelled the show it was so good it put me in the mind of charm which I love so please think about putting back on for season 3. I would like to know why they canceled my show witches of east end that was a good show for people to watched as a series television show please.

I was waiting to watched the season 3. I hope this is just a big ploy to get everybody where it up for season three make it the biggest surprise of all for all its fans. I have been waiting for Witches of East End Season 3 to start! I just looked it up and saw it was canceled. I only watch the lifetime for some movies and Witches of East End! I loved this show, and am hooked. With that being said i rarely watch TV now except for the frw TV series i like.

You HAVE to bring this show back!!!!! I always caught up on my on demand. Best shows always cancelled. Witches of East End was creative, entertaining, and well casted. Mid season 2 dvd, WEE, now, and wish a 3rd existed. Would some network, any network, please renew this show?

Please, please bring the show back! I love this s show! I just finished season 2 on netflix and now im sad. I stopped watching a show for this one because it just kills you to know what happens next and that is what every show should have!!

I will happily pay for cable if This get put back back on air, I love it that much. I just watched season one and two on Netflix and I just finished it. Myself and many others would love to have another season aired and if someone from LIFETIME even reads these anymore then please put it back on the air. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the first two seasons of Witches of East End on Netflix. I really wanna see what happened the second season left me hanging!!!!

I am so Disapointed that they cancelled this show! I must know what happens!!! So lame for not bringing it back. I just found out about it by looking at Netflix and watched both seasons within a couple of days an really liked it. Who killed Fredrick, i believe it was the FBI slut who should have been taking off the case due too her sexual role with Dash.

Please bring back the show!! It was just getting so good! Netflix…pick it up and run with it if it is not Lifetime enough for the Lifetime channel.

The storyline for this show was intriguing and action oriented. This was one of a handful of series I made time for. I hope a network who understands creativity and innovative thinking will pick this series up as it has much to offer to the tired array on most of the networks that I see streaming that seems to focus on legal, crime, or reality shows.

I realy love that show. I really would love t see more. Please make more seasons or a least season 3. The unreal show on lifetime is so dumb.

I have been obsessed since i watched it on Netflix. So I watch my shows online and on Netflix. This is so unfair!!!!! Please do not cancel this show it is very interesting plus I have no friends please do not take this away from me pls. I just finished with season 2 and searched for the upcoming for season 3 to come out. How disappointing to read there may not be one.

This has been one of the best series I have enjoyed watching. It needs to continue…please!!! All these positive reviews on this show. Please go forward with the next season…. Bring it back — what is your problem Lifetime — I have so enjoyed this series and now you want to cancel and leave your viewing audience in disbelief — If this show is not brought back I will cease to watch Lifetime.

There must be a season 3!!! Too much suspense and not fair to the devoted fans me included to just leave everyone hanging. You MUST bring it back. Really fun show to watch. Please bring back this show! The story line is great, etc. Please give us another season. I love the show and you did this to army wives as well. I would like some closure. My family and I really enjoyed this series! Been watching this show on Netflix — nonstop. And I wondered when season three would be out.

So upsetting to see it cancelled. Not all of us like to watch police crime dramas. I have been waiting on this show to come back.

I was captivated from day ONE!!! Somebody needs to petition this show back on like the game came back. Maybe another network should pick it up like the CW it would be perfect on there. Need to bring Season 3. I really enjoyed watching the show. This is a great show that if given more publicity you would find more people that would it just as much as walking dead.

I started watching it while my dish was disconnected and was watching netflex and LOVE it. Every good show that comes to TV gets you involved and then just gets cancelled. Drop Dead Diva cancelled, Park Ave, but yet the stupidest shows stay on. I just watched the two seasons on Netflix. It is one of, if not the best series I have seen in years. I am going to buy the books. I am so disappointed That there is no Season 3. I love the actors and actresses.

They are all wonderful and are perfect for the roles. I am missing them already. How many so called votes would it take to bring the show back for a season three?! Too bad great story line so sad you let it go like that , is her son really dead , what happens to the sister in the lake of fire , do the brothers stay switched?

I just spent the last several weeks watching the first 2 seasons of this program. I was very disappointed to learn there would not be a third season. This show has a great story line. Please continue the show. Commit to a minimum of 2 seasons and wrap each season so if it is canned we are not left hanging. I hope and pray this is not the end of a great show. I love this show and always looked forward to seeing it.

Lifetime will not be played anywhere in my house then. I have been waiting for season 3 for a long time……. I am truly disappointed that season 3 was canceled. This was one of my favorites.. I mean I freaking love charmed.. And this I think may be better. My daughters and I are hooked we need 2 find out what happens next. Please bring it back its a lot of other shows I can think of that need to be off the air but not this 1 love it me and my family miss the show tremendously.

Why this is such a disappointment. I am truly upset. I loved Witches of East end and was looking forward to the third season to find out if the starcross lovers would finally be able to be together. I would like to see what happens next please do it for the fans Please.

I want you to know most shows are not a alternative for some us that really truly believe that the other side really exist, someone is making a really bad choice. So many comments asking and pleading with you will you have a blind eye —remember about Karma. May light and love open your eyes ,ears and heart.

Plz bring it back. This is so sad, I just found this show on Netflix and watch the two seasons. Started looking for the third and found this. Lifetime is messing up big time. There going to regret it.

Going to be a lot of mad people. Very disappointing that the show is cancelled! Why do the creative shows get cancelled????? Tv is for fantasy and escape!! How could they just end a show like that, absolutely no closure to the characters and their situations. This some sort of joke? Any other networks out there want a hit show? Oh no you can not do this to me!! Please give this show a proper ending!!! There are over a million people that deserve to see the third season.

Was great in beginning, but the show really was missing a lot of lags in story lines.. If it were to come back, need better story writers and more kick butt themes to the witches. So use were important and at the very least bring this awesome show to a proper end.

Do the right thing Life Time!!!!! How could you leave your fans hanging like that. We need to know if Freya and Killian finally get together. We need to know what happens to Ingrid. Look at how many people have commented on how great this show is! I am waiting on Lifetime to all of a sudden bring this wonderful show back. How can you start such a great show then leave all fans wondering how everything goes in the end? That is not right!

Come on Lifetime, bring it back! And not to mention that times have changed we live in a computer age, where we miss a lot of our shows. So we just to go on Hulu to see them. Just to keep up with them as well. With kids and a growling schedules we live different then we once did.

Great show, people need to demand the programming we want. People need to write in and demand the show be brought back. Witches of East End should be brought back to life. The show is very addictive. Why is it all the good shows get taken away? This was a great show. It ended with a juicy cliffhanger that had me counting the says for season 3. It would be a big mistske to not come back for season 3. What is the point in starting shows if your not going to finish them?

You may say that you need a certain amount of viewers to watch but what about the ones who actually like it? It just amazes me how many shows get taken off the air because of this. I mean Ingrid is pregnant, and it just stops. Please Please Please bring back this show, I love it, and many people love it as well. I really enjoyed this series. Hope someday it will be reconsidered. I have a new one I watch that is also with a supernatural twist. I will be super happy if you would bring Witches of East End back for a 3rd season.

Do we really want more of the same frivolous dreck on tv? Why when you find a fantastik show like witches of east end do these lifetime fools not renew it????? Then tell everyone that has been glued to there set watching and wanting for more that millions of watchers is not enough to sho 3,4, and 5. I for one am mad, sad, and crushed I want more I want three. If anybody actually reads this or has any power over anything please forward to the right people. I think it failed because it was on Lifetime.

I never watch freaking lifetime… I never even heard about this show til now and you guys cut it years ago. This cast was incredibly engaging.

I feel like I lost family! That is a great show! How can Lifetime cancel it?! I have been waiting for months for the 3rd season. I men what happened with Dash and Killian did Freya ever find out what Dash did and how he switched bodies with Killian? What happened with Wendy when she woke up in a fiery hell and said another sisters name called Illena. What happened with Ingrid and being pregnant? This is so not COOL!!!

There needs to be an actual ending to everything. We need a closing. It just left in me a lot of questtions.

This is the first series that has made me such things. Is there any witch fantasy based show other than charmed that makes it pass season 2 smh very dissatisfied. Join the conversation Leave a Comment. Brandy Please, please bring it back. Sue Freeman Please bring it back my husband and I love the show! Julie Lane The show must go ON! Florida-lady Witches of East End is the only drama show that I watch.

Sara The new shows coming out now are trash!! Lifetime, please, keep this one going! Disappointed Okay this is exactly how I feel. Shari I so feel you… I have gotten to the point where if i like something i let it play then play catch up.

Brenda Please bring Witches of East End back. Ashley My favorite show please continue Carmen I hope they renew this series. Vanessa GarzA Please please let there be a season 3!!! No season 3 my cousin and I have been glued every Sunday…. Sure hope there will be a season 3!!!!!

AimeS Please renew for a 3rd season!!! Ruth Love this show, please give it another season. Tasha Better have a season 3, show is freakin awesome! Anjanette Best show ever! We just stumbled on it. Flipping channels one night Shari i so agree. AJ I can not be without my witches, this show is too awesome to be leaving us in suspense!!!

Diana I hate watching sitcoms. Great cast, great show D My favorite show!! Love dash killian and freya!! Long live season 3 Ashlee Omg it has to come back for season 3!!!! Danielle Gehr Please renew witches of east end its my favorite. Please renew my witches of east end They need to come back with Season 3… or the life channel will definitely lose me… Retrieved September 27, Retrieved October 1, Retrieved October 11, Retrieved October 12, Retrieved October 23, Retrieved October 29, Retrieved November 8, Retrieved November 9, Retrieved November 15, Retrieved November 24, Season 12 Episode Guide".

Retrieved November 13, Retrieved July 25, Archived from the original on July 19, Archived from the original on July 25, Archived from the original on August 1, Retrieved August 1, Archived from the original on August 8, Retrieved August 8, Archived from the original on August 16, Retrieved August 15, Archived from the original on August 23, Retrieved August 23, Archived from the original on August 30, Retrieved August 30, Archived from the original on September 7, Retrieved September 8, Archived from the original on September 15, Retrieved September 17, Archived from the original on September 20, Retrieved September 19, Archived from the original on September 27, Retrieved September 26, Archived from the original on October 3, Retrieved October 3, Archived from the original on October 10, Retrieved October 10, Archived from the original on October 17, Retrieved October 17, Archived from the original on October 24, Retrieved October 24, Archived from the original on October 31, Retrieved November 2, Archived from the original on November 8, Retrieved November 7, Archived from the original on November 15, Archived from the original on November 22, Retrieved November 21, Archived from the original on November 29, Retrieved November 29, Retrieved September 15, Moving to the suburbs of Pennsylvania as a teen, Moe missed NYC and dreamed of having a career in music.

But the bright lights and big buildings of NYC kept calling her name, so she moved back to pursure her passion for music while still working in the medical field at St. Luke Roosevelt's Hospital in Midtown Manhattan. As a business associate, Moe handled patient registration in the Emergency Room by day and did rhyme writing with Lexxy at night. Ditching the job for her dreams, Moe then started working part time as a car sales person for her father's family owned business, Dking Cars.

This enabled her ability to make more moves with music. Lexxy, was born and raised in Harlem. Prior to pursuing a career in music, she earned her Associates Degree in Communications from Bergen Community College in New Jersey and despite her busy schedule, she currently attends Montclair State University where she is pursuing her BA in Communications as well.

While simultaneously working on her educational career, Lexxy dabbled in modeling and acting as well. It was while getting her feet wet in entertainment where music came knocking at the door. Alongside her band mate, Moe, the two have managed to make a name for themselves over the past six years. Five years from now, we can expect to see Lexxy on the big screen, acting and performing multi-platinum hits selling out stadiums. She has been dating DJ Self for almost a year now and is ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Yorma is looking to expand her empire by opening up a one stop shop beauty bar in the Bronx later this year. Yorma is a single mother to a beautiful 6 year old girl and is hoping to settle down with the man of her dreams. Feisty Latina model, Erica Mena was born and raised in the Bronx and has enough personality to take over the industry. Growing up, Erica was always in performing arts classes and her ambition and drive is unparalleled. After winning a Jennifer Lopez look-alike contest, it didn't take long for Erica to create her own name in the modeling world.

Erica landed many coveted roles in major music videos for artists including: Erica's body of work doesn't end with video modeling. The Girl Factor and a 2 year calendar for Erica is a devoted mother to her son King, a fashion model, an actress and a force to be reckoned with. She recently sparked a relationship with model Cyn Santana. NYC born and bred, Cyn Santana is truly a young star in the making.

She is a philanthropist, vixen, and aspiring actress, but is best known for her charismatic ways and witty personality. Growing up, Cyn always wanted to be an entertainer. She found a passion for acting when she took her first acting class during college. While studying, Cyn found time to entertain people by putting her parodies on YouTube, which became an instant hit, garnering over k views.

YouTube videos led to music videos and Cyn landed roles in some of the most popular rap videos, working with artists such as, Maino, Fabolous, Nas, 2 Chainz, and Drake. Cyn Santana is now starting her own clothing line, doing charity work, specifically for suicide prevention, and plans to pursue an acting career. She wishes to use her popularity to promote positivity and human welfare. She managed to stay clear of all the negativity around her and pioneered her own fabulous path.

She landed a role on a Baltimore City cable soap opera and also became a regular fixture on Shakedown , a popular dance show. She opened a vintage clothing store and with her fashion forward style and over the top personality, she soon became a well-loved socialite, traveling the world and attending the hottest A-list events.

Chrissy also runs a full spectrum talent agency, Le Jeu Entertainment. Diamond was born into privilege, however she faced challenges that many teenage young ladies face including an unplanned but certainly blessed pregnancy. MyLisa, her now 7 year old daughter and only child, is the joy of her life who inspired Diamond to co-found A Safe Place Youth Center, a group home for pregnant teens, with her mother Lisa. She is also an aspiring model and is starting an online boutique in her spare time.

In , Precious recorded her own demo and was preparing to drop a mixtape when fate stepped in. Literally one mixtape got me my deal with G-Unit", she recalled. Born Andre Parker, the self-taught musician took up the drums at the age of 4, and has expanded his talents to become one of the most prolific producers of the last decade. After his mother passed away when he was 3, his father brought him and his brothers up in an atmosphere that Santana recalls as being wild and heavily musical.

Santana emerged way ahead of the pack when, while still playing drums and sideline hustling, he managed to put out a CD called 'Capers' in on an indie label. The success of it started bringing in calls from other local groups. He started producing for a group called CCOC and inevitably became a member of it. After being with Murder Inc. Anyone whose had the pleasure of knowing singer, business woman, songwriter pianist, reality television star and Memphis native, K. Michelle since her childhood is aware that she was destined to be the woman she is today.

Gymnastic, swimming, and piano courses kept her inquisitive spirit busy until age nine, when the time arrived for her to begin vocal lessons with renowned children's vocal coach Bob Westbrook Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears etc.

For the millions of fans who have watched the no-nonsense cutie fight for what she feels is right on television every week, her debut album title, 'Rebellious Soul' is most appropriate.

My music is like that as well. I rebel against anything that society tries to use to keep us boxed in - racism, judgment, anything that makes you feel inferior as a woman. The guest list of vocalists include Elle Varner and K.

Kelly, who will also embrace some maestro duties. After years of professional and personal lows but mostly highs, it's time for the once diamond in the rough to be recognized for the true gem that she is. The stars are aligning for Tennessee's daughter, and she couldn't be more pleased. I just want to create that music that makes you feel so so good. Tahiry is now working on a fitness DVD and focusing on acting lessons.

She has landed roles in various films in and She is also a correspondent for XXL Magazine and is now a staple at most red-carpet events. Tahiry is proof that brains and beauty can successfully mix.

In addition to being a solo artist, is a member of the hip-hop super-group Slaughterhouse, alongside Royce da 5'9", Joell Ortiz and Crooked I. His most commercially successful single is the song "Pump It Up" from his self-titled album.

Joe Budden began freestyling in high school and made many appearances on several NYC mixtapes. Joe Budden is also widely known for various high-profile relationships, publicized by the media, in his lyrics, and on Twitter. Joe lives his life very publicly and has hundreds of thousands of fans that follow his every move on social networks.

Joe has been in the studio this year working on his album and a new Slaughterhouse album as well. At a young age, she began taking dance and acting lessons. Through her school years, she continued to develop her craft, performing in many school plays. Her love and drive for the performing arts lead her to attend Howard University as a Theater Arts major. Erica Jean has done several performances in the tri-state area including: Her love of acting continues, but as a hobby.

Erica Jean's main focus these days is raising her very energetic son, Stephen, aka "Lil B", that she has with rapper Saigon. Being a single mom at times can be taxing and tiring but that doesn't keep Erica Jean from being upbeat and positive. Her love for her son Stephen has motivated her to advance her career.

Erica Jean is now pursuing her second passion, working in the medical field. She is currently continuing her education to become a nurse. Since , when Saigon speaks, people listen. The popularity of the up-and-coming rapper exploded as he took over the Streets and the Internet with a collection of classic mixtapes many fans consider mini-albums.

His debut was 'A As Saigon's name began being thrown in the ring with hip-hop veterans like Nas and Jay-Z, it was clear he was ready to explode. Once Saigon's buzz reached a deafening level, the labels could no longer ignore him. In , Saigon landed a reoccurring role as himself on the popular hit T. This gained him worldwide mainstream exposure and introduced him to a fan base outside of hip hop.

He would continue to be on the show for a number of seasons and have a large variety of his music played throughout the show. He has sense been affectionately dubbed 'The guy who ditched Turtle' because of his close relationship with that character played by Jerry Ferrara'. In addition to Entourage , Saigon would go on the prove that he was bit by the acting bug as he landed roles in the Roger Corman produced film, Rage and Discipline , and also doing voiceover work for VH1. But there is way more to her.

She's always held a passion for writing music and rapping and wants to sign talent to her label. In her own words, "I want to become the next Diddy. Nya gained notoriety for an unfortunate event when someone cut her neck and chest at a club after an altercation. As a result, she named her record label OurCutt. While most girls were playing with dolls, Olivia used her playtime to write music and poetry.

She realized very early that she truly had a passion for the arts. At 19, she landed a meeting with an Arista executive who then introduced her to the legendary Clive David.

He was so blown away by the 19 year old's vocal ability and raw talent that he decided to sign Olivia immediately as the first solo artist to his newly established label, J Record. Clive took her under his wing metering her into a super star.

Her gold selling song "Bizounce" was the lead single for the release to her self-titled album in , which eventually sold close to ,00 copies. Hits like "Candy Shop" and "Best Friend" brought the versatile artist to the radio around the world.

Since leaving GUnit, Olivia has been focused on creating a new persona that has expanded beyond just hip-hop. Her pursuit and love of music will cement within the industry for years to come. She will continue to prove that she has numerous talents to show the world. Raised in Miami, Raqi moved to NY, where she was a corporate finance agent by day but became a well-known fierce talking radio personality by night.

Currently living in NJ, Raqi got her start in radio by unapologetically crashing several morning shows, which led her to an on-air talk show on Sirius-XM's Hip Hop Nation and as a recurring judge of Freestyle Fridays. It was in , that Dame coined her nickname "Jen The Pen," which has stuck ever since. From there, she moved on to be the gossip girl for the Hot Boyz of Chicago radio show on Power Jen has been dating rapper Consequence for over 5 years and one year ago the couple welcomed their first son, Caiden.

Cons was also commissioned to appear on EA's "Fight Night". Being one of the 1st artist to utilize the platform known as "Kyte", Cons revolutionized fan-access by bringing them backstage and documenting many magic moments that included Kanye West, Beyonce, P. Diddy, Jay-Z, Pharell plus many more to garner over 6 million views online. RapFix" after introducing his newborn son, Caiden to the world, live on the air.

Winter has worked behind the scenes in the hip-hop industry for more than 10 years and consulted as a wardrobe stylist for labels such as Ruff Ryders, Murder Inc. She is mostly known for her position as executive assistant to platinum recording artist Fabolous. She recently wrote a tell-all book about her experiences in the world of hip-hop, titled The Love Of Hip Hop and serves up relationship advice in a bi-weekly, "Ask Winter" column for Hip-Hop Weekly.

Fortitude, ambition, and creative business tactics are at the forefront of Jim Jones' career. The enigmatic Diplomat CEO and entrepreneur spent the past decade designing an empire that will solidify his place in hip hop history and beyond. After continued success with his Dipset crew and his Diplomat Record label, Jim's solo album, 'On My Way To Church', debuted at 18 on Billboard Top in August , and has sold over , copies independently to date.

Jim Jones is also exceedingly popular in the fast-paced world of mix-tape releases. Building upon successes from his record label to his new alcohol brand, Sizzurp, Jim Jones is preparing to release a new documentary dilm, currently titled The Jim Jones Project , which presents a candidly-told cautionary tale of a "gangsta" rapper in transition. A purposeful message in the documentary is intended to act as a deterrent for the self-destructive behaviors of at-risk youth who have taken the bravado of "gangsta" rap to heart.

Bronx-born-but Harlem raised, Jim Jones knew all to well at a very early age what the streets had to offer. While he experienced his share of trouble growing up in Harlem, he was fortunate enough to escape anything that would cause him to wind up as another statistic in the concrete jungle.

In addition to his many ventures, Jim Jones is also gaining respect for his role as a music video director winning several music award nominations.

Jim takes his ability to influence the world at large very serious, he continues to search for new ways to find social and political growth while progressing within the Hip Hop culture. Currently, Jim is an active participator in Russell Simmons' Hip Hop Summit, The Andre Neal Foundation, as well as the South East Queens Action Network for Public Schools - all which focus on building and strengthening the community through it's youth, educating them on politics and teaching them how influential their voice is.

Even his pursuit to bring the ideals of gangsta rap to the world with his documentary film, Jim makes it clear that he is no way advocating a movement toward it. There's a difference between a gangsta and a gangbanger - a gangbanger is very ambitious, he has a fiery heart. When he knows how smart he is, he'll turn into a gangsta.

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The city's hip hop elite are about to have their lives changed in ways they never imagined - for better or for worse! In the music mecca of the South, artists rise and fall, families grow and are torn apart, and what goes around - definitely comes around. America's Next Top Model. ANTM returns with Tyra Banks to make this season next level fierce by celebrating models of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. 2 months ago. On the conclusion of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: The Reunion," tensions reach a boiling point between Spice and Tommie. Tokyo makes it known she's ready to read anyone who comes for Tabius.