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Learn how to set up your new iPad Mini (pictures)
Do you want to help Apple make products better? If you restore from an iCloud backup, you'll be asked to log into your iCloud account and then select the backup file you wish to restore from. Apple products are fairly instinctual and also forgiving. Otherwise, follow these steps: This screen lets you select the address you can be reached at if you decide you want to use a specific one instead of more than one.

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How to setup and start using your new iPad mini or iPad

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On some devices, you can set up Touch ID or Face ID. With this feature, you can use your fingerprint or face recognition to unlock your device and make purchases. Tap . Dec 22,  · The latest addition to Cupertino's iOS lineup is the inch iPad Pro and iPhone 7/7 Plus, but whichever model you're rocking under the Christmas tree, you'll likely want to get it set up right now. Here, we provide a basic primer on the setup process for your sexy new hawaiianlion.gqtion: Features Editor. "Just works" is just the worst when it doesn't, so instead of wasting time, check out our help and how-to tutorials below, so you can start spending time with your iPad mini or iPad as fast as possible. And hey, if you already know everything there is to know about the iPad, just bookmark this page and share it with family and friends who don't.