How to Find a List of All Used IP Addresses on a Network

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How to check if an IP address is in use
All of the network connections on your computer will be displayed. How do you know from which interface ping originates? I think you might mean netstat -a this gives you an active list. I am looking for a way to determine if an ip address is available to use or not - is there a better way to do this? Find your active connection and look for IPv4 Address.

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That way you can always lookup what IP's have been reserved, and which ones are still free. If you assign static IP's manually you have to carefully document everything, and that can be a problem particularly if there are several administrators who can assign IP's.

Or a wild grown net without proper documentation you could use ARP sweep tools to sweep the net few times per hour and record the arp responses to the IPs if you get a response on the same subnet, the IP is assigned and in use.

This will always succeed no matter how firewall rules on the destination host are set, as ARP resolution cannot be blocked without totally block IP communication. So on local subnet you can always detect this way if a host is there or not, even pings and other ICMP types are blocked. It must be done in the same broadbast domain.

Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. The problem is that the device must be running while sweeping. Brent Embrey Author Commented: If a device always escapes the sweep its very very bad luck and the chance it will happen very small.

I know you have closed this and accepted solutions, if i could recommend using nmap. Apologies if these where recommended but i didn't see them. So many wrong answers! Request timed out it means that the source of ICMP packet source of ping did not receive any answer at the request, in a time manner set by TTL Destination Host Unreachable it means that the source received an answer from a router in the path, with the code 3 For whom is interested about the ICMP code types: Hi matrix I think you will find them to be correct, just not the way you would put it.

The reply he is getting is from the local machine at a guess not a router as you say and in fact probably doesn't even see a router being on the same range. Matrix I'm going to jump in here as you are on a topic "unreachable.. If I am reading your comment correctly, when the OP pinged Your comment was that this reply would come from the router. Though certainly not impossible, I find it unlikely that the router was at.

On my system Win 8. If I ping a non-local address, I get "request timed out". This seems backwards to what you suggest. I'm wondering if your comments are how this should be implemented, but the Windows ping command doesn't follow the rules. But we must not care about it. And your win 8. How do you know from which interface ping originates? Are you sure that your windows 8. Maybe the originating interface was the local loopback with IP I don't know how Windows 8.

What I know is what is written in RFC's. Best regards all of you! I wasn't trying to be argumentative or to claim that you were incorrect. I am seriously trying to learn here when I can. My concern is that I deal with how they work in the real Windows world as that is what I have to fix. Here is my real world: Ping statistics for Ping statistics for 4. I thought that the fact that it is an "Ethernet Virtual Switch" might be confusing matters so I did a similar test on a new Windows 7 x64 computer that I am finishing.

Jin Izzraeel No chance of any harm being done. Can't say if it'll crash or not, but the chances are very slim. Is there a way to find all connected machines? Type ipconfig or ifconfig on Linux at command prompt. This will give you the IP address of your own machine. For example, your machine's IP address is So your broadcast IP address is Ping your broadcast IP address ping You will get the list of all IP addresses on your segment. Virendra 3, 1 7 2.

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Detect Your IP Address with Command Prompt

This article will explain how to detect your Windows IP address using a command prompt. This tip is applicable to Windows , Windows XP, and Windows Vista users, as well as to Windows 95 and Windows 98 users. This will give you the IP address of your own machine. For example, your machine's IP address is So your broadcast IP address is Ping your broadcast IP address ping (may require -b on Linux) Now type arp -a. You will get the list of all IP addresses on your segment. Aug 31,  · You might need your PC's IP address if you want to set up an Internet connection, allow other people to connect to your PC, or need to troubleshoot network problems. Do one of the following: In Windows , select the Start button, start typing View network connections, and then select it in the list.