What is Dynamic DNS?

And how does it work?

Dynamic DNS
Leave the rest of the settings as they are. This makes it difficult to utilize your residential IP address with other services webcam, security camera, thermostat, etc. Thus DNS is only suitable for services that do not change their IP address very often, as is the case for most large services like Wikipedia. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. When computers communicate over the Internet, the send messages to each other in a manner much like the postal service and just like your local mail man, the computer needs to know which address to send your information to - this takes the form of an IP Address and will look something like " DHCP became an important tool for ISPs as well to manage their address spaces for connecting home and small-business end-users with a single IP address each by implementing network address translation NAT at the customer-premises router.

What You Need

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What is Dynamic DNS and what can you use it for??

While DNS sounds like a truly great thing, it can be quite difficult to set up and is a lot of hassle if you just want people to connect to your home web server or gaming server so rather than go to the trouble, there are many companies that will do this for you for free by offering a service known as "Dynamic DNS". Dynamic DNS, also known as DDNS, solves the problem of ever changing residential IP addresses by associating your address with a consistent domain name without the need to buy a pricey static IP. Having a home IP address . Before dive into the tutorial and before we even start talking about what dynamic DNS (DDNS) is, let’s start with the basics–what DNS even is. DNS, or Domain Name System, is the magic that makes the internet user friendly, and the .