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Linksys WRT54G Troubleshooting
I want to upgrade WRT54G firmware. Answered on Jan 13, 26 views. You should only have to do this once for each of your wireless devices. In doing that I did a hard reset which caused loss of all the settings. Check the IP address on the computer connected to the router.

Linksys WRT54G setup without CD

Linksys WRT54G, WRT54GL and WRT54GS

Type in the user name and password given by your ISP. Click save settings at the bottom. Now try to access the Internet on the main computer. Once your main computer is able to access the Internet then you can change the wireless settings. Change the wireless network name and enter the security password for your wireless network. Create a new wireless network for your wifi devices.

Setup unique wireless network security key. DO not share your wireless network password. Once your wireless network is ready, try to connect to the wifi on the laptop or other wifi devices. You will see the SSID your wifi network name. If you have any other issues, then you can get access to the free online tool which will help you guide through simple steps to fix the network issue. They both work on G technology. The setup process for these routers is same as explained above.

Before connecting to the wireless network on your laptop or any other device, make sure that you have all settings of the network. You need to know the name of the network SSID and the wireless security key or password. Once you have all the settings then you can try to connect. The steps to connect will be different for different operating systems.

Click here for easy steps to connect to the wireless network. Firmware is the software of the router. Linksys WRT54G version 5 and 6 need firmware upgrade.

See WRT54G firmware upgrade steps:. Linksys WRT54G version 1 to 7 are the routers come with 3 years of hardware warranty period and 3 years of free technical support.

Version 8 has hardware warranty of 1 year with free technical support. The internet is also the first place you will go when you are planning to get technical support. There are many websites with lot of general information about Linksys wrt54g setup. But all the networks are not same. You need proper simple steps to fix your problem. The default password of WRt54G router is admin, leave the user name blank. If this is not working then try your common passwords. If that is also not working then you may need to reset the device and reconfigure it.

Fix Home Network Thousands of satisfied users! Easy setup Guide is mainly designed for Linksys router setup without installation software. I hope, you will like it. I suddenly had no internet connection, and I initially thought it was due to my internet provider.

So I contacted them and after some tests, I connected my cable modem to the ethernet adapter of my PC, restarted the modem, and the internet connection was restored.

So, the problem was in my router. This is surely a great help. I had been trying to get my WRT54G to communicate with my new modem. This was working with the DSL modem but I recently switched over to cable.

My computer was able to access Internet through the cable modem. I upgraded the firmware and made some changes that you suggested and I am getting better wireless internet too. How do I upgrade firmware if I am not able to open the setup page? I also have a laptop which is dropping wireless many times a day. I want to upgrade firmware but I can not access the setup page. The IP address on the computer is When I enter the number I simply love WRT54G.

Though it is older wireless G model, but it is still very stable and reliable. This is what my experience is. I never had any problem since I bought this router a long time ago. Recently it was dropping connection which I fixed by updating the software. The setup is really and anyone can setup WRT54G with the help of few simple steps. I am having hard time connecting my iPad to the old network at home. The other wireless devices are working without any issues. The new Ipad can see the wifi.

Thanks for the advice. Hello Melinda, I'm glad you've been pointed in the direction of some answers for the issues thus far.

I'd also agree that the most likely "culprit" as in most networking issues, is security settings. The one Achilles' Heel has been security, which I finally got configured reliably with the newest version of this Router, with its "one click" connectivity built into both card and router. See your manual for details on how to sign in for the first time. I hope these details clarify rather than complicate!

Thanks for the info. I'm going to print it out to make sure I'm doing it right. I had a Linksys b router and had it running with no trouble once I found their NetSet client on their web site. It's what I used this time too with a flash drive to transport the settings but I have to have missed something. It's really weird to be on the internet on the laptop, have the box pop up telling you there's no available network and just sit patiently for a minute or 4 and see another box pop up saying "You are now connected.

Exchange it, if still possible.. Beside, you mention that you are using the same B setting When I got the new router, I used NetSet on their site again and re did all the computers. I had wanted to try to get an old one using Windows 98SE up and running with the old b card taken out of another desktop that now had a new g card but I don't think I'm up to that challenge yet.

I have the same router, and made a few calls to Linksys, upgraded firmware, and I have been running fine for 7 months now. I had to call back a few times to get the whole issue resolved, but they are very friendly. That's a great point about firmware upgrades, Alan. I believe the specific version 1,2,3 or 4 can be found on one of the stickers on the router itself. This too is included in the manual. Best of luck, Melinda, and yes, the G upgrade will get you a lot more speed, and will make your setup easier at that time for example, it's possible the router shipped out configured for "G-only" networking, meaning you'd have to configure it differently as described in my last message , before it's even possible to connect with a B adaptor.

I think I've found the problem. The router is the same 2. I moved the laptop to another room just on a hunch and everything is hunky dory - at least for now. Better speed and no drops. Please refer to the model information sticker on the underside of the unit in order to determine the precise model number and hardware version of your device. For wireless support on Kernel 2.

After rebooting the router, configure wireless as usual, only using the Broadcom driver instead of the b43 driver. In a test with OpenWrt If you forget your password, have broken one of the startup scripts, firewalled yourself out, or corrupted the JFFS2 partition, you can get back in by using OpenWrt's failsafe mode:. Now you can ping and telnet into They are Reset and Secure Easy Setup. The buttons can be used with hotplug events. Please see the WiFi toggle Wiki page.

To remove the front cover you simply pop the front of the case off after removing the antennas. Please note that this will void the warranty. Usually there are two screws holding the PCB to the bottom cover, but on some newer versions e. This slot provides two TTL serial ports at 3. Neither of the ports use hardware flow control, you need to use software flow control instead.

Other routers may have similar connections. In order to do this though you need a line driver chip that can raise the signal levels to RS levels. You can not directly connect a serial port header to the board and expect it to work. That method will only work with devices that can connect to TTL serial ports at 3. Connecting two which have 3. Standard RS devices cannot be directly connected which accounts for nearly all serial PC devices. Once the modification is made you can have at most two serial ports to use for connecting devices etc.

By default, OpenWrt uses the first serial port to access the built-in serial console on the router. This is helpful because if you have problems communicating with your router this method will allow you easy access connecting over a serial console.

By default this leaves you with one serial port left, however, there is a method to turn the console off giving you access to both ports if you really need them. It isn't recommended but it can be done.

The JTAG port is a unpopulated pin header and is located next to the serial port header. A simple unbuffered should work fine. See here for more JTAG details. Please see the GPIO page in the oldwiki.

To add an SD card with backfire and kernel 2. To achieve it, edit:. After doing that, reboot , and install following packages install one by one, as for reasons unknown, device does like to crash when provided with many packages to install at once:. You should also be confident with a soldering iron and basic knowledge with a multimeter will always help.

It's recommended to add heatsink to chip. When the circuits are done and everything is soldered onto the pcb of the router, it's time to install the software. Do not forget to install the filesystem you wish to use. This page has all the extra information needed about USB on this device. External resources and more indepth information. If in doubt check voltages with a multimeter.

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