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Target-Date Funds—Find the Right Target for You
First offense in a motor vehicle BAC. When you go to the skills tester, you will need to take proof of identification, proof of insurance, and your receipt showing you have passed the written tests and paid the skills test receipt fee. Puede ser posesivo, numeral, demostrativo "casa grande ", "mujer alta ". All owners must complete this form. You pick a fund with a target year that is closest to the year you anticipate retiring, say a " Fund. Havelock-Belmont-Methuen - November 30,

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Aichi Biodiversity Targets

Other coverages offered through our Fine Art program include: What Makes Our Programs different? Our ability to offer competitive pricing is just one of the many advantages, we provide to our clients. Contact Norman Newman norman. Contact George Hansen george. In anticipation of a changing economic cycle, where vacancy rates are expected to increase, Program Brokerage has developed an in-house property facility specifically to meet the needs of vacant commercial building owners.

General liability is also offered through our network of wholesale markets at very competitive pricing. Traditional property coverage for vacant buildings provides only "basic" perils named perils and actual cash value valuation. Our facility offers more options for enhanced coverage - all at competitive pricing. Contact Cynthia O'Brien cobrien programbrokerage. Our General Wholesale division provides our Brokers access to specialized markets for non-standard, more complex accounts that require more detailed underwriting analysis.

NY and NJ Supplemental: M Dickens Road Ste. Continental Underwriters is a Managing General Agency MGA and Wholesaler providing the forest products industry in North America with a broad range of insurance and risk management solutions designed to safeguard against losses and protect the value of the businesses we insure. Our programs offer a portfolio of insurance coverages for the building materials, lumber, forest products and woodworking industries.

In fact, over the years we have become the most trusted name in the forest products insurance industry, with an impeccable reputation on which agents and brokers rely. In addition, with us, you will be able to offer your clients access to loss control and risk management services, critical in helping the wood products industry stem losses and accidents.

And, due to our longstanding and strong carrier relationships, we are able to find the right forest products insurance solution for each unique situation. When you work with Continental Underwriters, Inc. We endeavor to provide all quotations 2 weeks ahead of policy effective dates, all binders within 2 business days of binding coverage, and all policies and endorsements within days.

In instances where we are unable to meet these timeframes, we will let you know where we stand and when we expect to have what you need. At Continental Underwriters, Inc. While every account and every situation is different, we always strive to provide our customers with the best coverage for the best premium, the best service, and the best overall experience every time. Logging has consistently been one of the most hazardous industries in the United States.

The volatile working conditions of loggers make the placement of logging operations a difficult task. We have the ability to provide coverage for contractors in the logging industry who participate in both manual and mechanized cutting operations, as well as, those who harvest, haul, and store timber and lumber related products. Contact Dale Schmincke dale contund. Due to the high-hazard risk, it can be exceedingly difficult to find competitive and comprehensive coverage.

Our transportation division will work tirelessly to find the proper insurance coverage to fit your specific needs. Each manufacturing operation has its own unique risks and insurance coverage needs. We understand their process, the issues they face, and the industry they work within.

With that complete understanding of the business, we are able to provide insurance solutions which make the insured and the insurance company happy. We provide insurance coverage solutions for businesses involved in the manufacturing and distribution of forest products.

These include, but are not limited to: Contact Andrew Belcher andrew contund. M Park East Drive Ste. We are a proven Program Specialist with over 15 years' experience and developing multi-lines programs.

We not only manage all aspects of a program, but provide full services, including developing:. When you develop a program with us, it's yours and provides you the industry exclusive. This means more profits for you. Our wide variety of programs include: Are you interested in becoming an agent for this program? We can add the following coverages: Our Program Trading Forum provides a place for companies and agents to see our programs that are under development.

Click here for our trading forum. Coverage for the unintentional release of private and confidential data. Are you interested in becoming an agent for any of these programs? Fabricators of Orthotics and Prosthetics Fitters of Orthotics and Prosthetics Orthotics and Prosthetics Manufacturers Are you interested in becoming an agent for any of these programs? New Empire Group offers effective and competitive insurance programs and solutions for many types of commercial real estate exposures.

We currently offer the following programs and products:. Commercial Umbrella for Real Estate. Commercial Inland Marine Program. Our quick and easy applications can be found at www. New submissions can be e-mailed to: Many directors and officers find themselves exposed to increased personal risk, necessitating more sophisticated Director and Officer Liability insurance policies.

Contact Marisa Vutrano newbusiness newempiregroup. New Empire Group has kept pace with the rapidly changing need for environmental risk solutions, and has developed an impressive pollution liability program with carriers possessing an A.

Contact Emma McKee emmam newempiregroup. The program is a unique approach to the professional liability for property managers and real estate professionals with custom coverage enhancements and competitive premiums.

Get an Online Indication! Contact Lina Gallego linag newempiregroup. Contact Jim O'Neill Jimo newempiregroup. CondoPak is an innovative package policy offered exclusively by New Empire Group. CondoPak was designed to meet the specific needs for superior Cooperative, Condominium and Community Associations. New Empire Group has helped retail agents build their own customized niche in the condo arena.

Call today and work with the best and biggest name in the Condo Insurance Business. Contact Jim O'Neill jimo newempiregroup. Qualifying classes of business include, condominium associations, apartment buildings, cooperatives, homeowners associations, office buildings, commercial buildings LRO and other commercial real estate classes.

Contact Marisa Vutrano marisav newempiregroup. M Ring Road W. We have over twenty 20 years' experience as a Program Administrator and are pleased to present our exclusive insurance program for your Hospitality Industry clientele with an A. Contact Mark Derrenberger - ext mderrenberger rmshg. M E State Rd.

Citadel Insurance Services is a specialty program manager delivering immediate access to cutting-edge products and exclusive programs both globally and domestically. Our independence, strength and forward-thinking approach allow both flexibility and agility, giving you and your clients superior results and service.

We welcome you to discover how Citadel can deliver a superior risk placement experience through our programs, service, dedication and creativity.

The dietary supplement market is rapidly evolving — and is in need of a product that can respond accordingly. From our customizable forms to our global reach and first-class security, NutraPAC delivers unsurpassed value.

To learn more about our products or find out how to become a Producer, call us or visit our website. Whether your client is a Fortune company or in the pre-clinical stage, BioPAC is a flexible, scalable product designed to address the specialized needs of life science companies.

EnergyPAC is a comprehensive solution for the unique challenges present in both the traditional and alternative energy industries. When it comes to manufacturing, wholesaling and importing, ManufacturingPAC has you covered. From start-ups to global enterprises and those in between, we can respond to your needs.

HealthPAC offers a full range of healthcare insurance products. From home health providers to regional hospitals, our appetite for health care providers is extensive and our pricing and overall coverage features are as aggressive as you will find. From large utilities to remediation contractors and restoration companies, our capacity and appetite for environmental risk will help you grow and sustain a book of environmental risks. Our appetite for professional based risks is extensive and our pricing and overall coverage features are as aggressive as you will find.

PropertyPAC is tailored to address the specialized needs of property risks of all types. Our experience in responding to high limit placements allows us to provide class leading, value driven coverage options.

ContingencyPAC offers a full underwriting facility with a sole focus on contingency risks. Our specialty products are available exclusively through a select group of retail and wholesale partners.

With over 20 years of program development and management experience, Citadel Insurance is positioned to respond to your program development and management needs. Our expertise allows us to respond to a wide range of programs - from start-up and conceptual programs to seasoned programs that need a fresh approach and innovative enhancement to sustain dynamic growth patterns. Citadel excels in the placement of unique programs requiring a creative approach.

Sales and Disposal Liability. Contact Scott Bartlett sbartlett citadelus. M West Catawbe Avenue Ste. Where We Have Underwriting Authority ALU offers products designed to meet the unique challenges inherent to the lumber and forest products industry. Appetite includes saw mills, planing mills, and wind driven exposures Admitted and Non-Admitted paper available Usually need a minimum of 30 days lead time Submission Requirements In order to expedite your quotation requests, we need the following information at a minimum:.

Above items should be sent to apps aluins. We act in an MGA Capacity for both of our exclusive programs. Frenkel is structured as a flat organization. Our engineering service capabilities and claims management strategy sets us apart from other insurance brokerages. This structure allows for expedient horizontal and vertical communication between Frenkel employees and clients.

We are known for our astute evaluations of risk management and claims issues, and the formulation of economically efficient coverage positions and options often missed by seasoned risk managers. We are consistently ranked in the top fifty brokers surveyed annually by Insurance Journal.

Our management team maintains leadership positions on the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation IICF , and other regional community outreach programs. For close to 40 years—the CIS name and brand has been synonymous with the level of knowledge and expertise needed in order to deliver comprehensive and affordable risk management programs to this diverse industry group.

The program has the ability to address the needs of the smaller start-up cosmetic company up to the larger more established contract manufacturers, fillers, or distributors in the industry.

ICMAD is a non-profit trade association dedicated to fostering the growth of entrepreneurial cosmetic firms around the world. The program can also provide coverage for Schools, Institutes and Societies. Contact Brenda McDonnell bmcdonnell frenkel. Now, you can pinpoint the insurance solution you need in an instant. PCALIC only writes adult residential care insurance, and is a recognized leader in adult residential care risk management solutions.

The Guardian Insurance program is designed based on the needs of your adult residential care community, assisted living facility, adult family home, personal care home or adult foster home. Large or small, the Guardian Insurance Program can provide the specific insurance coverage at an affordable price. Customized risk management tools specific the the animal welfare organizations needs included.

This fill the insurance gap when homeowner's insurance policies exclude coverage for certain breeds. We have now extended our assisted living and adult care home insurance program to include home health agencies and companion care agencies as well. Distinguished Programs is a leading national insurance program manager focused on niche products for select business segments and industries. The company provides a wide range of competitive property and liability programs for commercial real estate risks, museums, small retail businesses, contractors and other business types.

Programs are distributed through a growing network of more than 2, independent agents and brokers. This program is designed to protect not-for profit community association board members from lawsuits that result from actions or decisions made while they are serving.

This is one of the most crucial policies a community association needs. It is a top-of-the-line, stand-alone policy underwritten by a carrier with a high level of expertise and commitment to this line of business. Contact Kyle Hyla KHyla distinguished. High liability limits are available at extremely competitive prices. Distinguished Programs pioneered the country's first real estate umbrella liability purchasing group in Today our umbrella programs are among the largest in the country.

Contact Sue DeCarlo This program is designed to protect community associations against employee dishonesty for things such as fraud, forgery and theft. The program offers high liability limits at extremely competitive prices for a broad range of real estate risks. We also have lower limit companion umbrellas for some of our property and liability programs that are priced in accordance with those smaller risks.

The City Homes CHIP Program is a package product designed for small urban multi-family buildings in designated cities across the country. Contact Katherine Vespia Customized package protection for small owner or tenant occupied NY masonry buildings. Developed specifically for smaller New York habitational properties, the program delivers the coverages small building owners want and the ease and efficiency brokers need to manage business cost effectively.

Contact Katherine Vespia kvespia distinguished. The Builders Risk Program is for property owners, contractors and others responsible for insuring commercial and residential properties during ground up construction. It features DPExpress processing which lets you qualify, quote and issue with only two short screens of data entry. Contact Nicole Knight NKnight distinguished.

Today's real estate climate provides lots of opportunities for investors to buy housing stock at competitive prices. This program can provide the necessary insurance coverage until the building is rented or sold. Our Vacant Buildings Program includes a property and general liability component and is geared for builders with homes in inventory that are intended for sale, or individual owners or investors with less than 10 investment properties.

We focus on single and multi-family structures and commercial structures, including retail and office buildings. Contact Margaret Carroll MCarroll distinguished. This umbrella's unique design gives museums the opportunity to significantly increase directors and officers and general liability protection without increasing costs.

The program offers umbrella protection for a broad range of non-profit museums. Contact Amanda Breakstone The Remodelers Risk Program is for clients who want to cover both the existing structure and the improvements to a residential or commercial property during a renovation. The program can protect property owners, contractors, receivers and others with a legal or financial obligation to insure the risk. They are a direct result of the latest thinking in the industry. Condo Combo brings three separate policies together with one easy to complete application and one insurance company.

From a coverage standpoint, it takes into consideration the varied and unique combination of exposures that are present at full-service hotels of all kinds, including casino hotels.

The Distinguished Programs program is the premier hotel excess liability program serving this niche of the hospitality industry. Full-service hotels are generally mid-price, upscale, luxury or resort hotels with a restaurant, lounge facilities and meeting space as well as service levels that often include bell service and room service.

Contact Kurt Meister kmeister distinguished. Designed for the upscale, luxury and resort class of hotel, this program offers specialized hotel coverage and claims management service.

The Distinguished Programs program takes into consideration the varied and unique combination of exposures that are present at full-service hotels. Created in as the first hotel insurance program of its kind, the Full Service, Luxury and Resort Primary Casualty Program has been leading this segment of the hospitality industry.

Full-service hotels are generally mid-price, upscale, luxury or resort hotels with a restaurant, lounge facilities and meeting space, as well as minimum service levels often including bell service and room service. These hotels report food and beverage revenue. The Distinguished Programs Limited Service Umbrella is available to a wide range of franchised or independently operated hotels with limited amenities.

The broad eligibility spectrum includes high rise buildings, outside egress, all types of construction, and with or without food and beverage exposure. Limited-service hotels usually have low operating costs and receipts due to their lack of extras. Room rates are typically lower, because these hotels cater to budget-conscious travelers.

Contact Andrea Dietz ADietz distinguished. The program includes many advantages for property owners — including the ability to swiftly secure skilled craftsman, acquire architecturally unique materials and the flexibility to pay for the extra time needed to accurately identify and repair historic features.

We recognize that historic assets require specific insurance solutions to ensure preservation of historical elements that make these properties so special. M 75 Second Ave. Suite Needham, MA M Bel Marin Keys Blvd. Suite Novato, CA Since , Professional Program Insurance Brokers PPIB has been providing agents, brokers and wholesale brokers nationwide with unique insurance solutions for challenging risks.

From tattoo parlors and medi-spas to pyrotechnics, we offer proprietary insurance programs available in all states. Most importantly, we are innovative, responsive and flexible so you can provide outstanding service your customers expect.

PPIB has successfully created individualized programs for associations, franchises and homogeneous risks from the ground up. Having strong relationships in the Excess and Surplus Lines market gives you the carrier access you need. We also help you avoid concerns that arise with new programs such as lack of exclusivity, large premium commitments and the requirement to move an existing book to support new premium. We can offer exclusive access to brokers and will assist with forms and endorsements, rating methodology, underwriting guidelines and applications.

PPIB offers monoline and package policies for Medispa facilities covering a broad array of services. Entire facilities, or individuals operating in a single or multiple locations, including aestheticians where available , dieticians, laser technicians, nurses, doctors and medical directors.

The program includes coverage for the following:. The spa industry is expanding and so are the number of services offered in these facilities. Entire facilities, their employees and independent contractors working on behalf of the business. The world of body art is ever expanding and the exposures associated with these organizations are unique. Entire shops and their employees and independent contractors may be included.

Permanent make-up and cosmetic tattooing continue to be highly popular procedures and Professional Program Insurance Brokerage PPIB has an exclusive program that covers General and Professional Liability for the application of:. Who Can Be Covered: Independent contractors, businesses and their employee and supervising physicians may be added.

Aesthetic professionals and tattoo artists can be combined on one policy as well as Day Spa or Medispa services. This includes directors that oversee the following:. Directors that work directly and indirectly with patients and those that provide no patient care. Coverage may be considered for the following:.

Health Professionals associated with the above facilities, as well as. Professional Program Insurance Brokerage PPIB offers comprehensive insurance programs designed specifically to meet the needs the needs of home care facilities. Who can be covered: Facilities and their employees, including medical directors, housekeepers, sitters, host homes, live-in companions, residence managers and hospice care. Individual therapists, the entire facilities and employees and most national franchises.

This program offered by PPIB includes Professional and General Liability, as well as Property Coverage, to professionals associated with the Anti-Aging industry and it covers a broad spectrum of services. Entire facilities, or individuals operating in a single or multiple locations, including aestheticians where available , dieticians, nurses, doctors and medical directors. The beauty industry today encompasses a wide range of services and the Professional Program Insurance Brokerage PPIB program provides coverage for most.

For salon and spa facilities, it provides Professional and General Liability, including Products Liability, for the following:. Salon and spa facilities and their employees and coverage can be extended to independent contractors. Manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors and private lablers. Professional Program Insurance Brokerage PPIB provides annual policies in an exclusive program for all types of pyrotechnic businesses and other risks involving explosives.

With the obsession with wellness and weight loss ever increasing in the United States, the number of clinics is increasing and they offer a broad array of services. Recognizing the growing need of protecting sensitive data and records, Edgewater Holdings, a Chicago-based professional liability expert teamed up with renowned cyber security law firm, Wilson Elser, to structure an innovative cyber security insurance program ideally suited for small to mid-size business operations.

Backed by highly rated domestic and London-based markets, the partnership launched a specialty product called EdgewaterCIS. To learn more about this emerging risk, visit www. Contact Kevin Ribble kribble edgewater.

Not an Arrowhead Producer Yet? Email your watercraft risk or this completed Quote Request Form. Once our underwriting team reviews and underwrites your risk, we''ll start the process of setting you up to access online quoting in ArrowheadExchange. You''ll join the Arrowhead family where you can instantly quote yachts and boats and access our growing list of personal and commercial products. Arrowhead Producers - You are automatically set up to begin quoting online. Log in to ArrowheadExchange.

For vessels 26 feet or greater in length, we have competitive programs with a broad product offering. Contact Todd Drake Best and is now managed by our commercial transportation experts, Bellingham Underwriters. Contact Michael Powell x Michael Powell. Provides an all encompassing liability policy for small marine-oriented artisans, coverage includes Ship Repairers Legal Liability and Commercial Marine Liability. Arrowhead's Residential Earthquake insurance program is designed to provide better earthquake insurance options for California home and condominium owners.

Providing earthquake products since , Arrowhead has a reputation for being an innovator in the residential earthquake insurance marketplace.

Arrowhead has developed EQ products which provide some of the broadest coverages available with the lowest deductible options, while maintaining competitive pricing. Often imitated, never duplicated, Arrowhead commits to maintain a position at the leading edge of earthquake insurance. Product offerings target a wide range of risks from newer or retrofitted structures built on flat ground to older non-retrofitted structures on steep slopes.

Arrowhead has an EQ product to accommodate almost any residential EQ risk. We offer a personal auto program ranging from clean drivers to drivers with minor and major accidents and violations.

We provide longevity in our markets as well as a complete personal auto management solution that has a proven positive underwriting result over 20 years. We provide online risk submission and producers tools via www. We also offer non-credit scored competitive rates and superior customer service. Limits vary by state. Introduced in , this program provides comprehensive coverage for contractors, manufacturers, and wholesalers in railroad service and support industries. Contact Matt Hetrick Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, Inc.

Contact Blane Bardsley Top-rated carriers provide all coverages, and online quoting is easy at ArrowheadExchange. Contact Lauri Thum We understand the exposures and special circumstances associated with tribal governments, gaming operations and tribal enterprises.

Our objective is to help you reduce your losses through technical knowledge, experience and personal service. Express Package provides specialized commercial insurance coverage with decades of industry experience. Our program for towing and other classes not mentioned requires production commitment and contract. Not an Arrowhead producer? Contact Robert Young Our insureds include contractors, electricians, monitoring companies, consultants and other electronics systems professionals.

Contact Cheryl Jones LIBRIS offers general liability, workers' compensation, commercial auto and property coverage for independent bookstores in all 50 states. Carrier is Great American Insurance Group. Your bookseller clients will enjoy affordable premiums, outstanding coverage and a team with many years of industry experience. View more at http: Contact Whitney Balaun Turn to us for multi-state coverage, property CAT exposure availability, competitive rates, admitted paper.

Contact Jackie Miller Arrowhead's Forestry Program provides coverage for mobile equipment, machinery and tools of the logging and wood product industries. Available in all 50 states, this program's carrier is Zurich North America. Coverage available Inland Marine Program Highlights. Contact Donald Fiorini Contact Madeline Feld Arrowhead's innovative risk management solutions for building professionals in the construction industry are provided by Golden Insurance Company.

This risk retention group offers excess liability and primary commercial general liability exclusive to builders, contractors and artisans, available through contracted independent agencies. We write motor carriers hauling a product for-hire as well as private motor carriers hauling their own goods. Our appetite is broad because our knowledge and experience are broad. Truckers operating on a for-hire basis: Auto coverages are available; ask about adding specific associated lines.

We combine a consistent program with superior claims handling, loss control and administrative support services that will keep your clients returning year after year. Not a Bellingham producer? Contact Dan Hooker Dan. We offer a new approach incorporating standard policy forms, flexible underwriting, quick turnaround time and the typical customer service that you have come to expect from Bellingham Underwriters.

Contact Scott Young x scott. We offer the country's top-rated insurance carriers, competitive rates, underwriting expertise, and above industry standard commisions. You and your policyholders will benefit from superior claims handling through American Claims Management Inc.

ACM , our wholly owned subsidiary. As a carrier-minded claims administrator, ACM works hard to ensure claims are closed out quickly. ACM's dedicated team offers a fully integrated line of claims and cost-containment services for your clients including: Contact Marketing Info Auto Parts Recycling Auto recyclers commercial package includes property, commercial auto, general liability, crime, inland marine, umbrella.

The ideal automotive recycler dismantles autos and sells used auto parts to automotive repair shops and general consumers. Arrowhead will also cover U-pull operations, if proper controls are in place to mitigate losses from on-site customers. No premium limit Carriers: Zurich and Great American Admitted: Contact Deb Winterowd dwinterowd arrowheadgrp.

Founded more than half a century ago, The McGowan Companies have become the largest, oldest, and most profitable enterprise of their type in the United States by offering their clients- insurance brokers throughout America-unparalleled products, premiums, and service.

These programs of insurance are available exclusively through MPA on a nationwide basis. They underwrite on behalf of financially strong carriers and can provide both admitted and non-admitted forms. Steve Wentz swentz mcgowanexcess. Contact Roger Shockley Contact Jennifer Porter ext.

Homebuilders CoverageTM is an Insurance Program that targets residential homebuilders with home starts per year. Homebuilders Coverage was designed by professionals with expertise in the residential construction industry.

Contact Vito Gaeta ext. We offer a portfolio of exclusive products designed for franchised and non-franchised Hotels. Contact Sohan Patel ext. Contact Michael Egan ext. Our Program offers a comprehensive suite of insurance coverages that meet the unique needs of Addiction Treatment Providers. Contact Richard Willetts ext. We have Workers Compensation specialists ready to fullfill your insurance needs with experience in underwriting, rating, and policy administration.

Along with these special program highlights, AllComp has stable and established market relationships with a national array of "A" rated carriers.

Contact Geoff Pratt ext. For Over 25 years CareProviders Insurance Services has been providing coverages for those that care for others.

Our Program Insurance is designed for organizations which provide a broad base of services to the community. Contact Priscilla Archer ext. Contact Brian DeGraw x underwriters afpd. At Condon Skelly, our goal is to keep the fun rolling. We believe that every part of the classic car experience should be fun - including the classic car insurance.

Our goal is to deliver on the original simple promise to make car collecting more fun. Our customers tell us that they can feel the difference in our easy quoting, immediate coverage, and great pricing. Contact FUNderwriter — cars condonskelly. Our products are all backed by A rated or better carriers, and our dedicated staff is ready to provide an exceptional level of service. Contact us to determine how Rockwood Programs can become your key business partner.

We recently established an exclusive partnership with the Houston International Insurance Group HIIG , which will enable us to continue to provide this important management liability coverage. We are surplus lines licensed in all 50 states, and can handle all surplus lines filings on behalf of brokers. We also have appointments with several carriers to accommodate clients seeking EPLI written on an admitted paper. Contact Meghan Bell Meghan.

Contact Kathy Hasted Kathy. As a dedicated insurance broker, Rockwood has been a premier provider of Podiatric Physicians coverage for over a decade. For your client's medical malpractice coverage, you need quality options: We can provide assistance of risks in all 50 states.

Click here to access our online quoting facility! Management liability for not-for-profit organizations provides protection against lawsuits brought by a variety of sources - including employees, part-time labor, third-parties, and volunteers. Despite their altruistic intent, not-for-profit entities face many of the same liability exposures as their for-profit counterparts.

Contact Cheryl Marshall Cheryl. Rockwood provides professional liability coverage for physicians, dentists and surgeons with claim history, probation or difficulty obtaining coverage due to specialty. Rockwood has addressed this coverage issue by partnering with Lloyds of London to create a product specifically designed to fill this void. Factors which determine eligibility include:. Marie Ciliberto Toll Free: Brian Pasternack Toll Free: Program Administrators are specialists, in the larger world of intermediaries.

It is estimated that there are less than 2, true Program Administrators in the United States, focusing on specific market areas or product lines. They also invest significantly in automation and technology to improve quality and processing time.

Many professional lines writers lump this exclusive group in with a wide variety of wholesalers and insurance generalists, resulting in high premiums and few liability options. Rockwood has teamed with several carriers that recognize the preferred characteristics of the Specialist Program Administrator. Contact Pam Hauserman Pam. On land or on the water, in recreational or commercial activities, we are the right choice for independent agents and brokers who need access to Marine Insurance expertise and solutions.

It expresses the mobile nature of the risks we insure, the fluid nature of our forms, and our commitment to provide protection for every contingency and need moving forward.

The MPG model provides brokers with comprehensive packaged solutions, top quality coverage, and unsurpassed service. We are aligned with the best carriers in the industry and we have the most underwriting experience in our segments. Put our expertise to work for you. Recreational Marina coverage is available in all states except Hawaii.

The Commercial Charter Vessel program is available nationally for vessels that range from 16' to 50'', with up to 18 passengers. New Hampshire Insurance Company offers a Yacht policy that satisfies the specific needs of today's mariners.

The program covers most commodities with no radius limitation and will consider new ventures if they have experience. The program focuses on risks with 1 to 15 units though we have the capability to consider all sizes. For more than a decade, Costanza Insurance Agency, Inc. This focus has provided us insight into the specific needs of the employers and employees of the security industry, as well as the ability to offer unparalled coverage, service, and affordability.

For more than a decade, Costanza has specialized in providing insurance coverage for security related industries throughout the U. It's our only buiness. This means we can generally save you money, while providing the broadest protection. Our CGL program offers these important features: Firms in this industry have generally been unable to obtain this protection - and certainly not at reasonable cost.

It provides true Worker''s Compensation, with all the benefits inherent in such coverage. Best''s, the leading authority on insurance company strength and stability. This contrasts with state insurance funds or "pools", which are unrated. Marketed by the security specialists for more than a decade, Costanza has specialized in insurance coverages for security-related businesses throughout the U.

There''s absolutely no obligation. In addition, we negotiate terms and conditions and compete on a daily basis with large national firms, so we have a deep understanding of the current market and appropriate pricing.

Our belief is that the policy is only one of the five risk management tools needed to have a successful Restaurant Program. Our proprietary approach has produce comprehensive coverage for our clients, superior underwriting results for our carrier partners and an underwriting relationship that has existed for over 15 years.

Where premiums are driven by revenues and successful operations. The higher the gross sales the lower the General Liability Rate. Comprehensive Coverage with extensive Coverage Extensions and Sub limits not offered by other carriers and programs. Our premiums include; a communication, loss control, claims handling and accountability program for our clients. Having the same General Liability Underwriter for 15 years speaks directly to the success of this program. Brady sean bradyrisk.

Items typically insured under a Contractors Equipment policy are: Contractors Equipment policies can be written for contractors, municipalities, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers or any other type of commercial risk owning mobile machinery and equipment. Covered equipment may be owned, rented, leased or borrowed from others. Rate, quote, issue and manage Contractors Equipment policies over the Internet at www. Rate, quote, issue, and manage policies through our online policy issuance system.

Coverage for residential and commercial new construction, remodeling and installation projects of any size and value. Rate, quote, issue and manage policies online at www.

Click here to register. Contact - info usassure. Looking for more ease of doing business? Now access a competitive Vacant Structure program with rate, quote, and policy issuance capabilities. Other product highlights and features include: Standard 12 month policy term, with short-term policies 3 and 6 months available in many states Basic form includes vandalism Option to include theft on special form Direct bill to your customers with optional credit card payments method Available nationwide, with exception to AK and HI.

Contact Heather Crews info usassure. From simple to complex, the range of risk on commercial construction projects varies widely along with the needs of your client. From the first delivery to a new construction jobsite to the demo on a renovation or planning for a major installation, all the way through final inspections and approval, having reliable coverage and service every step of the way to keep the project moving is critical. With flexible coverages and billing options, the Builders Risk Plan covers commercial projects of any size and value nationwide, including new construction, remodeling and installation.

Our dedicated team of builders risk experts understand construction, many with an average tenure of more than 10 years in the industry, and they have authority to underwrite a wide array of projects, including educational and healthcare institutions, municipal buildings, agricultural facilities, water treatment plants, multi-story residential or office structures, stadiums and arenas, large scale installations, and much more.

The builders risk program covers a broad range of commercial construction insurance needs. The following are just a few of the valuable features offered. USA Telecom offers a very competitive insurance program that is available to agents nationwide. USA Telecom exceeds all industry insurance requirements by major carriers and contractors. If you are an agent trying to place a telecommunications contractor it can be very difficult to find markets that will write all lines of coverage.

Typically, insurance companies have no interest in telecommunications companies due to the height exposure. This program has no minimum premium requirements. Please contact us directly and we will be happy to give you more information. With a combined 40 years of experience in the telecom industry, we are proud to deliver the best service team to our current clients and future agents in the USA Telecom Insurance program.

If you are a telecom company that faces coverage challenges, there is a solution. USA Telecom Insurance Services is a nationwide insurance program dedicated to meeting the insurance needs of the telecom industry.

We cover everything tower related and offer an open program that is available to all insurance agents and brokers. For more information, or to hire an experienced telecom insurance agent, contact USA Telecom Insurance Services at or info usatelecomins.

Classes of Business Eligible: Program offerings vary by state. At ProHost, we emphasize unique coverages, unparalleled service and competitive pricing.

ProHost has been a leading underwriter of restaurants since Our clients include many of the finest restaurants in the country. Liquor liability coverage is included in the package.

Additional lines of coverage - umbrella, auto, GKLL, workers' compensation are available. Pricing is competitive and rush quotes will be provided as needed. Coverage is written on an admitted basis.

Contact Heidi Strommen hstrommen prohostusa. Target accounts for this group are restaurants with limited service that are more upscale than traditional fast food. The ProHost Catering Insurance program targets off-premises caterers, including restaurants with off-premises catering.

Upscale atmosphere with focus on selling wine rather than liquor or beer. We also have the facilities to place difficult and complex Inland Marine risks. As the nationwide market-maker for these targeted industries, Ascinsure is actively looking to expand our strategic partnerships throughout the continental United States. We require no volume commitments to become appointed. Our industry focus means we offer exclusive programs, complete coverage options, knowledgeable staff to guide you, and competitive broker commissions.

Don't choose a generalist Since we speak their language: Serving contractor, homeowner, tool, tent and party and general rental companies, the Ascinsure Rental Equipment and Party Goods facility has hundreds of insureds across the nation. Coverages can vary by insurer and specific risk circumstances. Please refer to the actual insurance policy for specific terms and conditions. Contact Ken Helmick mviola ascinsure.

As underwriting managers, the Ascinsure All-Lines crane program is able to serve crane rental companies nationwide , with or without operators. Our crane-specific insurance offering takes a simple, all-lines approach, and includes: Other optional coverages available. Please contact ken ascinsure. The coverage program highlights are subject to change without notice. From basic risks to the most demanding, our IM underwriting team is ready to help.

Name an Inland Marine risk and Ascinsure can write it. See the list below for a small sampling of eligible risk categories. We love a challenge - contact us today with your Inland Marine risks.

We have tied that knowledge to an all-lines insurance program that provides real solutions for their business. Our scaffold-specific insurance offering takes a simple, all-lines approach, and includes: Our expertise lies in evaluating risks, implementing program marketing, developing and executing risk management activities, and servicing accounts on behalf of our insurance company partners.

Please send questions or submissions to vos. This program is uniquely tailored for the needs of design professionals and offers broad coverage, great service and a stable market, all at competitive prices.

Contact Jake Terrell Jake. When it comes to providing insurance for real estate professionals, Schinnerer brings a lot to the table. Our length of experience has led us to develop Realty Choice, a program designed to meet the needs of a diverse industry.

Contact Brian Cropp Brian. Schinnerer offers kidnap and ransom coverage to meet a growing need to companies operating in both foreign and domestic markets. Contact John O'Mara John. Our policyholders can be protected against alleged claims of fraud, unfair competition, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination, and employee and pension plan mismanagement.

Target classes of business include: We understand how your world functions. Contact Michael McClanahan Michael. The Forest program provides the following coverages for operations that involve logging, log road construction, and the hauling of logs and chips. Contact Ryan Medigovich Ryan. Our program combines the liability protection contractors need with the flexibility and services Schinnerer is known for.

We have a family of policies to protect firms against the risks associated with the environmental industry. All environmentally related consultants and engineers including geologists, hydrologists, biologists, wetland consultants, archeologists, testing labs and consulting engineering firms specializing in environmental and hazardous and toxic waste projects and many others.

Admitted in 49 states and D. Ability to quote all project values Coverage: Broker bill or direct bill. Contact Donna Berry Donna.

Automotive dealerships face a myriad of challenges. From protecting expensive inventory to dealing with the public, their risk profile can be extensive. Schinnerer's policies are designed and underwritten by industry experts. We provide solutions for franchised auto dealers, independent auto dealers and franchised RV dealers. Cyber attacks are increasing with frequency and intensity. Companies of all types and sizes, in ever larger numbers, are turning to their insurance professionals to provide solutions for this growing problem.

The Schinnerer Cyber Protection Package is your answer. Using our Broker Portal, agents and brokers can quote, bind and issue a customized cyber policy in minutes. First-of-its-kind bundle of coverages to protect your company from various types of digital crime including:. Broad liability coverage for any suits or demands related to cyber that result in a loss to your company including:.

The coverage suite includes:. Contact Tyler Nickels Tyler. With Schinnerer, you have access to an industry-leading, web-based flood portal. Contact Zach Vollmer zachary. That is three decades of commitment to the transportation insurance industry.

Minumum 5 units, will except start-up operations. Prospects include independent franchisees of Hertz, Avis, Budget, National, etc. As the Lessor and owner of a leased auto under written agreement of one year or more, the Lessor could be joined as an additional defendant in legal action if their lessee is involved in an accident and has failed to maintain liability insurance as required by the terms and conditions of his lease.

Lessors Contingent Liability insurance protects their interest as Lessor if, for reasons beyond their control or knowledge, the insurance provided by the lessee is not the insurance required by the lease agreement or is not present.

As the owner of a leased auto, the Lessor could face a financial loss if his leased car has a physical damage loss and the lessee has failed to maintain the physical damage insurance required by the terms and conditions of his lease. Interim Auto does not mean an auto the Lessor owns that is assigned to a specific person, organization, company, employee, or family member for their day to day use. Our Business Auto Monoline Insurance program offers competitive rates and same-day quotes for qualifying accounts.

GMI represents A-rated admitted insurance companies. Norman Specialty Insurance offers a full suite of property and casualty insurance products with extensive expertise in placing comprehensive coverage for transportation risks, as well as other select industry sectors.

For a more detailed listing or to learn about our carriers, please contact Dawn Argue right away. We welcome the opportunity to provide insurance placement for all of your transportation customers needs. Program Parameters We offer a complete commercial insurance program that includes: Our program specializes in providing insurance product solutions to the residential household goods moving and storage industry niche.

Worldwide Facilities, formed in , is a leading private and independent wholesale broker and managing general agent offering its products and services through offices throughout the United States.

Worldwide Facilities offers a broad spectrum of specialty insurance MGA and insurance brokerage markets and understands your needs. We have the experience, sophistication and commitment to place virtually any size Casualty Risk. With the capacity of the open market and the speed of our pens, we make placing property insurance easy.

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