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Use our customizable referral thank you pages to increase your sales. I find their commitment and passion for their product and service to be of a very high standard. There is an option for pretty much everything - which is great. Can you tell us more about what exactly you had in mind? Join 16, companies around the world that use OSI Affiliate to run referral marketing campaigns that deliver results for their business. Welcome to the PayPal Community!

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I heard that PayPal has an affiliate program. Is this true? If so how do I apply? J Re: Does Paypal have a referral program or affiliate program? I wanted to convince them to start using PayPal. But if I don't have any benefits, why I should put any extra effort. PayPal sales include processing on PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Payments Standard, PayPal Payments Pro, and PayPal Here. This is an invitation to apply for a future loan and not an offer or commitment to provide capital. 4 PayPal Credit is subject to consumer credit approval. US customers only.