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Need help with using Statista for your research? Browser Expected to Use in 12 Months. In one unscientific poll, users chose Firefox as their preferred browser for trustworthiness; Chrome did not score well. I love how you can use three rendering engines in one browser without crashing. Deepnet remains first preference of millions with its features as RSS news reader, high security level, P2P client integration and phishing alarm which make it more valuable as compared to other renowned browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer. All the features and customization ability of Firefox and more. Web browsing means Maxthon, really addiction.

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Best Internet Browsers Review

Chrome's rapid rise to the top of the pack isn't surprising, given Google's dominance beginning with its ever-popular search engine. Chrome is a tribute to minimalism in web design that dominates web browsers today; users want a simple, fast, no-fuss browsing experience and will pull up or add on additional features if they choose. Firefox isn't as fast as Chrome in nearly every test, but leads the browser wars in available add-ons and extensions, reviewers say.

The most popular is the security feature Adblock Plus, which filters out unwanted advertising pop-ups and various forms of malware. Firefox is our pick for Best Customizable Browser. Reviewers praise Firefox and other browsers for taking a page out of the Google playbook by replacing its clunkier, busy design with a clean, simple interface.

And not surprisingly, many open-source advocates and techies want to make a statement by using non-profit Mozilla's Firefox vs. Google's profit-driven Chrome -- even though Firefox receives most of its revenue from Google by making the Internet giant its default search engine.

Beyond Firefox and Chrome, a popular "alternative" browser is Maxthon. Developed by a Chinese company, Maxthon Cloud Browser offers an impressive array of features including cloud syncing between your devices. Opera is another smaller browser that is known for speed. It has an "Off-Road" mode that compresses pages and uses cached versions of sites, which is very useful for users who don't have broadband.

It's our Best Reviewed browser for slow Internet connections. Privacy and security are becoming increasingly important for Internet users, and browsers are seen as a key in protecting user data and information. In terms of security, Google uses a technique called "sandboxing", which means, essentially, that applications and processes run separately from each other, limiting a computer's exposure to attacks. This also means Chrome won't crash if you visit a website that's unstable or has features that overload your system.

You can close the tab that's causing issues or use the Chrome Task Manager diagnostic tool to close just the part of the site that's causing the overload -- a media player, for example.

But Chrome's convenient features like syncing via your Google account or returning to relevant sites based on your search history don't sit well with skeptics who note that the browser isn't the best for privacy. Nearly every feature added to Chrome gives the company Google another way to keep tabs on you, even the spell-checker!

In one unscientific poll, users chose Firefox as their preferred browser for trustworthiness; Chrome did not score well. Google has shelled out millions in lawsuits for ignoring user demands not to be tracked. But while Firefox is friendlier than Chrome in terms of private browsing and stopping third parties from tracking your browsing history, Firefox performs poorly in catching malware in independent tests.

The most highly recommended browser for privacy and security is actually Internet Explorer. Microsoft's browser may not be the most obvious choice for privacy given IE's parent company and its reputation for hardball business practices, but Internet Explorer has made privacy and security its calling card. It consistently catches over 99 percent of malware threats in NSS Labs tests an industry benchmark and sets private browsing and Do Not Track as defaults.

The privacy settings can be changed. ConsumerSearch editors personally research every product category to recommend the best choices. Expert review sources are heavily weighted, but user reviews, especially those where durability or usability are a factor, are crucial to helping us finalize our top picks.

I've been using this browser on my android tablet. It's very stable in terms of download, even if your downloaded files are not directly downloaded.. It resumes after the connection is established.. This UC Browser for Android phones is superb! Have lots of features, fast, user friendly and its too It is the best browser I ever seen, and it has one disadvantage if we apply any wallpapers means after restarting the browser it automatically disappeared then again we have to apply it.

My only problems with it are I can't use certain Google things such as the new Google Docs and my friends never know what my web browser is because it's so unpopular! This browser is too fast all above. I use all the browser but get satify only on 'it - samrat.

A fast, easy third party browser that can replace any popular browser in a snap! You can try it today if you want. It is a free and lightweight browser, so don't get any worries. Canary builds are the bleeding edge. Released daily, this build has not been tested or used, it's released as soon as it's built.

Because there's no guarantee that it will even run in some cases, it uses it's own profile and settings, and can be run side by side another Chrome channel. By default, it also reports crashes and usage statistics to Google it just like google chrome but faster and more unreliable.

Sunrise is a cool third party browser with a few amazing features. It's a reasonably fast browser and keeps simplicity with its many features. The most amazing feature is the bookmark sidebar it has. It is actually a android browser and is similar to uc browser but takes less space than uc browser. This is very fast browser, I love it. More easy to use than Google Chrome.

This is the fastest browser that I have found. You should give it a try. I don't know why some people praise Maxthon. It can't really block most of ads and with its poor add-on store you can't even get an ad blocker!

But Yandex comes with a powerful ad guard and no problem with YouTube. Build on the Chromium platform, It gives you high security and speed.

It also gives you something close to Opera's start page or "Tableau" , and I could use both Opera or Chrome's extensions on Yandex. A great browser to try. HTML5 compatibility is great and as good as Chrome. I have used this browser this has a lot of features. Try it at once Very serviceable without a lot of junk. Rarely crashes, even when I leave too many windows open. Logical connections between operations; the hackers were kept on a short leash.

This Firefox 64 bit variant is the best out there. I try others even the new Firefox but always return to Pale Moon. All the features and customization ability of Firefox and more. Fast a thriving community you write them something in the IRC Data from tuptime 3. A feature packed, fast, secure, stable, and a highly customizable web browser that offers the latest web standards.

Polarity also comes built in with adblock and Do Not Track for privacy concerns. All these aspects of Polarity help deliver a unique browsing experience which helps you enjoy the best of what the web has to offer. Fast Browser with real cool UI No lags and bugs! It's very impressive and deserves its top position its very easy to search the data and it can store the links in an default manner Which I really hope from a web browser Faster than edge and safari. The best honestly, so much faster than google chrome V Comments.

It is so fast, so reliable and it really optimizes your browsing experience - zombefied V Comments. When counting across all platforms, Chrome is the most popular, and if only desktop platforms are counted, it has more than half of that market. The following tables summarize the usage share of all browsers for the indicated months. Therefore, for the "all browsers" stats, Safari's percentage is counting all these users.

According to StatCounter web use statistics a proxy for all use , in the week from 7—13 November , "mobile" meaning smartphones alone without tablets overtook desktop for the first time and by the end of the year smartphones were majority. Since 27 October, the desktop hasn't shown a majority, even on weekdays. The two biggest continents, Asia and Africa, have been a mobile-majority for a while.

A few countries in Europe and South America have also followed this trend of being mobile-majority. In March , for the first time in the US the number of mobile-only adult internet users exceeded the number of desktop-only internet users with StatCounter statistics are directly derived from hits not unique visitors from 3 million sites using StatCounter totaling more than 15 billion hits per month.

This site counts the last 15, page views from each of approximately 80, websites. This limits the influence of sites with more than 15, monthly visitors on the usage statistics. Net Applications bases its usage share on statistics from 40, websites having around million unique visitors per month. The mean site has unique visitors per day. Wikimedia traffic analysis reports are based on server logs of about 4 billion page requests per month, based on the user agent information that accompanied the requests.

Wikimedia has recently had a large percentage of unrecognised browsers, previously counted as Firefox, that are now assumed to be Internet Explorer 11 fixed in the February and later numbers.

Chrome did not include the mobile numbers at that time while Android does since there was an "Android browser" that was the default browser at that time. Only counts visits to local sites in 23 European countries and then averages the percentages for those 23 European countries independent of population size.

Other browsers are categorised as either "Netscape compatible" including Google Chrome, which may also be categorized as "Safari" because of its "Webkit" subtag or "unknown".

Internet Explorer 8 is identified as Internet Explorer 7. Monthly data includes all hits from until the end of the month concerned. More than the exact browser type, this data identifies the underlying rendering engine used by various browsers, and the table below aggregates them in the same column.

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We searched each browser’s privacy and security settings for pop-up blockers, privacy browsers, whether search history could be cleared and if the browser saved our passwords. The best internet browsers have these tools and settings clearly marked and easy to find listed in setting folders. Top browsers are communicating with online databases where sites or files suspected to contain malware are reported and recorded and you will be notified before visiting a site like this. Easy use. Most of us are spending each day using the internet at least few minutes per day to check email, Facebook account etc. The usage share of web browsers is the proportion, often expressed as a percentage, of visitors to a group of web sites that use a particular web browser Accuracy. Measuring browser usage in the number of requests (page hits) made rather than retrieving it again from the Internet.