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How do I set up Sync on my computer?
How do I set up Sync on my computer? The last two times I used sync, none of my bookmarks, history etc. So what can I do? I sign in and hit sync. I have a partition with Windows 10 32bit on my pc , I updated my memory and wanted to install Windows 10 64bit to be able to use the additional memory.

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Here are the steps in detail:. All you have to do is log in and let Sync do the rest. To log in you need the email address and password you used in the previous section. Was this article helpful? How do I set up Sync on my computer? Sync is not a data backup service. Users should continue to perform regular backups of their Firefox profiles to prevent loss of data.

But even with the bugs, Notes is an outstanding way to keep simple notes synced between your desktop and mobile devices. If you're looking for a one-trick-pony app that doesn't confuse the issue with an abundance of features, this might be exactly what you're looking for.

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how does sync work? where is the master sync file?

Android phones and tablets: Sync bookmarks, tabs, history and passwords on Android; iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices: Sync your Firefox bookmarks and browsing history in iOS; Remove a device from Sync. Click the menu button to expand the menu. Click on your Sync account name (usually your email address) to open the Sync . It appears from your question, that you are using Firefox Sync as a back up service. This is not what Sync is designed to do. The Firefox Sync service takes a copy of the data you wish to include and transfers it to a second device (typically a mobile device such as a tablet or a telephone) running a copy of Firefox. I'm adding some less frequently used computers to my Firefox sync account. These computers were previously synced using Foxmarks BYOS. When I started using Firefox Sync, I deleted some old bookmarks. Later, as I added some other machines, old bookmarks (that still existed on the other machines) were synced back to my main .