Is My VPN Working?

What’s a DNS Leak?

This keeps the torrent in a continually active downloading mode so that the CheckMyTorrentIP service can detect and regularly report the IP address that your torrent app is transmitting. TorGuard provides a free torrent IP address test. This way, every time you open your torrent app you can check the Trackers for this torrent and confirm that your torrent VPN is working and that your true IP address remains hidden from snoops. Before you start downloading and sharing torrents after reading our anonymous torrent guide , you should first check what IP address your torrent app is transmitting. This action is independent from your web browser. So they show nothing in the test.

Connection Drop Protection (Kill Switch)

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A common question we get asked is: “how can I be sure my VPN is working?” or “how can I test my VPN?” First off, you have to realize that there are different VPN checks depending on what you want to use your VPN for. For web browsing, the basic check immediately below may be all that you need. But for torrent file-sharing you will want to . Which VPN services are not working with Netflix? We can't be certain, however, with every VPN service and DNS redirection service we review, we test it out with Netflix.