How to Delete Your Facebook Account in 5 Easy Steps

How to deactivate your Facebook account?

How To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently?
Click on the 'help' button on the top right hand corner of your Facebook page. So, take your decision wisely. You can access the mobile website through whichever web browser you use on your iPhone. As you press the button, provide Facebook account password to authenticate ownership on your account. JC Jnaneshwar Chauhan Aug 30, Share this article Share. It will probably not be as good of an experience, though.

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Delete Everything! Torch Your Facebook Account and Walk Away

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Backup your Facebook data

Aug 24,  · How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account. This wikiHow teaches you how to delete your Facebook account with no option of retrieving it later. You cannot perform this process from the Facebook mobile app. Go to Facebook. But deleting your account is a much more serious matter. If you delete your account: Facebook delays deletion for a few days after the request is made. If you log in during the grace period, the. People around the world are deleting their Facebook accounts this week in the wake of a privacy scandal involving recent U.S. elections, a personality survey and users’ personal data. But if you.