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Hangin’ Up: Is it time to cut your landline?
So far, so good. I have a prepaid cell phone for emergencies and long distance. If you read this article, Joel actually points out that RAM boosters and task killers are bad for you. Didnt make sense to have 2 numbers for 1 person. RegularGuy November 10, at 2: It has been doing this now for about 18 months and everytime its removed after about 6 weeks it all stops.

Cut the landline: How much money can you save?

You've saved me time by adding a new expanded dimension of consideration.. The only app tlyou should have tried was Malwarebytes Malwarebytes foundem and destroyed them after Wich my phone ran like a dream again.

I tried s of apps the only one that really worked was Malwarebytes Please checkout this awesome junk file clean App powered by Norton, https: I have a new phone now and I'm googleing one to put on this one. It would szy its overheating when id only just turned on the device, and had hardly any apps.

It was ridiculous so I deleted it. I told the company but they never replied. It warns you but theres nothing wrong I got sick if it. I used to love Clean Master but lately it has become a real nuiscence. It constantly tells me I need things that I don't and I have come to realize it is a ploy to get you to look at their ads. I have used it for a really long time, through three devices and with a heavy sigh I finally uninstalled it today.

I know they have to make their money, I don't have a problem with that but lying to me to get those ads seen and interrupting me while trying to open apps as well as it changing my screen view in the process forcing me to answer to it every time I want to open and app and running in the background all the time has irritated me to the point of looking elsewhere for my tablet's needs.

Such a shame too, it was a decent app once but with their popularity greed has also taken hold. My phone never overheated until I installed Clean Master. It started getting so hot I feared it would catch fire, so I had to use the cooling function to stop the overheating it caused. I didn't see any performance boost on my Motorola Droid Razr HD which is basically a piece of crap after the first Android update and frequently found it smoking hot.

I removed Clean Master and tried two other cleaners and guess what? Everytime I install a cleaner my phone overheats. Listen to the Android gurus that say never install a cleaner because they cause far worse problems than they solve. I just wish that Google would quit wrecking phones with updates. This is my second Android phone. Both that I had got worse and worse with each update.

Quit fixing it until it doesn't work anymore, please. I like ccleaner on my computer but I was so disappointed on their mobile version. I doubt if it did remove my cache too. No one is mentioning the fact that clean master's back ground features can be shut down via the settings. I do this and I run it when I want to. This article seems to directly contradict a previous makeusof article warning against task killers and RAM boosters: Not at all, twodustyfeet.

If you read this article, Joel actually points out that RAM boosters and task killers are bad for you. None of the apps suggested here do that. And he has even linked to what you've pasted above in this article itself. From the user comments here it seems like CM Master is pretty much garbage which has made me decide to steer clear of it. So for me my decision will be one of those other two apps. I've used CC on past PCs and liked it.

Not many users here spoke much if any about this app and when they did they included no details only that it was good. The reviews on Play Store are the best out of all these apps.

I like the features and there seems to be some that other apps don't offer. And I really liked the dev feedback on Play Store.

Aa for DU, I've never personally used any of their software or talked to any friends who have either. The other users here who talked about it seemed to have good things to say for the most part. Their reviews on PS were hit and miss with a lot of good but with a decent amount of bad too and a lot of the good seemed to come from 13 year old with one sentence or shorter comments. The features seem good as well and it even has one or two that CC does not. That may not seem like a big issue but all of the other devs for these apps used proper grammar because they realize this is a business and you should carry yourself with professionalism in a business, when a company does not it makes me trust the seriousness less and makes me feel like it's a bunch of unexperienced teenagers running the company which doesn't fill me with much trust and faith in them and make me want to trust them with my system security and stabilization needs.

So, these are my views on these two apps at the moment but I would very much appreciate other users input on the subject so I can make a better informed decision on which all I use for my android system needs. This is my business phone so this is a very important topic for me as it does affect my ability to earn a living to the best of my ability. Sorry for being long-winded I just wanted to be as thorough as possible. Thank you all in advance for your time and any help you can give, they're both much appreciated.

Clean Master is becoming too heavy handed and intrusive with the ads, I have clean Master and du booster and they constantly need cleaning, what's the point of cleaning out phone if 5 minutes later i still have the mb or so of junk or whatever either one cleaned out? Then when i scan from either one then the other, they show different nimbers of junk after scanning. I've been having DU Speed Booster installed on my tablet without asking my permission recently.

I've switched off a few bits this evening having uninstalled it yet again to see if that resolves the problem but it does lead me to wonder if this is a reasonable product assuming that someone else isn't hiding behind the brand name of a legitimate product. My old phone came with one clean app manager this app had a privacy section that showed all app permissions and I could turn off the permissions if I wanted is there any app managers now that allow you to turn off app permissions.

I have S4 initially it worked smoothly then when it began to lag I installed CM but to tell u the truth it makes your phone lag even more, prompting you to run booster then works well for a while after. Like a vicious cycle. Plus battery started draining even on standby. That's why while searching for some good app for the task I came across this article and what I gather from the info mentioned in article and the comments below is at least CM is no good. Going for DU but do I have to have both the battery saver and booster or any of them can do the job?

I have a couple of these apps installed and I just force close them after I run them then restart my phone. I had clean master in the past I was somewhat satisfied but I would like to know is apus du battery saver or hola is good for me to use in my android phone or is it not. I Have clean master on my phone and on my tablet, I like both but cm is always popping up with an ad for its own apps, this is a real pain as it has a good few apps and I don't want to fill my phone with them all.

But one thing I would like to ask is can I ran both apps on my phone or tablet ie clean master and ? Yeah, CM's self-promoting ads can be a bit obnoxious.

You should be able to run both CM and without issue if I'm wrong, someone please correct me. As far as I know, they fulfill two separate purposes.

The easiest way to tell that CM is more of an ad company and extremely misleading is to run the "anti virus" no matter what device it is installed on and regardless of what your other anti virus programs say. And the only way to "solve" this exploit and prevent all your private info from being sold on the black market while you're asleep is of course to download and run CM's highly praised and sadly actually very good and high scoring actual anti virus app.

Again it's a shame because the launcher and browser etc they make are nice small fast apps, but it's almost like voluntary installation of permanent ads etc. Even the news alerts they provide are great aside from more than half of them sounding like a good vs evil situation happening on your device that can be solved with the instillation of one of the heroic apps from CM. And never overlook what permissions an app requests, comparing similar apps from known companies vs CM makes you very curious why company xyz only needs a few permissions yet somehow CM needs access to damn near your whole phone to do the same thing.

I was excited by the seeming potential of CleanMaster when I first came across it. For the first week or so, it was very satisfying to "recapture" all that space and speed. I started getting a lot of "rate this app " requests, so I gave it a good review, which I came to regret. Finally, I just thought, "Hey, what's going on here?

Is CleanMaster causing these problems in order to look like it's solving them so dramatically? I uninstalled CleanMaster and my battery life immediately went back to normal and the other things resolved themselves as well. I don't have the technical knowledge to explain what might have been going on; I just know what I empirically experienced. Oh, I have a Galaxy S4.

Give it a try and tell us how it goes for you! I was running both clean master and du speed booster for a while. My battery life kept decreasing. I uninstalled du and it didn't help. I then removed clean master and reinstalled du. Now my battery lasts all day again and there is no lag time. The best feature is blocking items from automatically starting, or at least that seems to have helped my phone the most. A lot of folks are recommending DU Speed Booster.

Sounds like it's a good one! Thanks for sharing your experience. It's always great to have corroborative anecdotes. I canot work out how to do it.. ES File explorer is free, has zero ads, a start up manager for root users, and a crap load of features.

Most of which the average user will never use. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll give it a try. If that's the same as a RAM booster, he said the above comments that using those can actually harm your phone. If it's not the same, sorry just trying to help. Under Accounts, choose Google. That should do it. What got me attracted was mentioning of placebo in the title. I use Assistant for Android by Aaron to clean my cache as my Xcover2 has quite small internal storage Samsung divided it in a very stupid way imho.

AfA does that quite painlessly, however he fails to clear cache of certain apps like Dropbox for example, which can be huge. So back to the placebo - did you check that those apps above really clean all cache? I don't have enough space on my phone to install every single app in the Play Store, haha. Still, I found that these apps did what they claimed, so I have no reason to believe that they rely on the placebo effect.

If you do find that a particular app's cache isn't being cleared, you should notify the developer. It may just be a bug. The "bad" kind of RAM boosters and task killers are those that constantly kill apps in the background.

Clean Master will analyze your system for abnormalities like excessive CPU usage but the actual app killing is manual. Until we can properly control permissions, I'm leery of installing anything. I think paid for apps are more trustworthy than anything which is provided "free". That's a reasonable stance, if you ask me. You'll miss out on some cool stuff but if it gives you peace of mind and you're willing to live without, go for it!

The beauty of apps is that you can choose which ones to use or ignore. Sorry I didn't make it clear. The Device Cooler is not an automated task killer.

I liked cleanmaster for what it did but, it's always popping up and telling me to download more apps that then pop up and tell me to download more apps that then I'm not talking about ads.

I can deal with ads. If I'm using a "free" product then I gladly accept ads. However, when I'm using an app because I'm concerned about performance and wasted space the last thing I want to see in that app is a constant in-your-face presentation. Yet, taskkiller apps still have a market because users are unhappy with performance.

The argument usually boils down to "you need new hardware" which sounds more like a Windows problem. I agree with this. Also, some websites I've visited have popups trying to tell me to install cleanmaster. I know the way Android handles apps makes it fairly secure, but it still makes me wonder about the motive of the software I can sympathize with your dislike of Clean Master's constant nagging and promotion. And yeah, optimal performance does not necessarily mean good performance.

If you have an old device with last-gen hardware, Android may not be as smooth as intended -- but using an automated task killer won't help either. In most cases, it's little more than the placebo effect. I have to say - I'm not comfortable with it. It constantly tells me that apps are draining my battery life - and I should close them. It's constant naggings and warnings are making the use of my Samsung tablet a somewhat unpleasant experience. I have a couple of the latest iPads which I also use I have to say I wrote feedback to Cheetah Clean Master , thanking them for the constant warnings and telling them that I was going to follow their implied criticisms by avoiding purchasing either Samsung or Android tablets in the future.

And I have to say I really have lost confidence in Android's ability as an OS to manage itself. Sorry about the typo above: I have a landline and have never had a cell phone. Both of us would need to buy a phone. I can see having one of those throwaway-type cell phones if I were travelling or something, but for daily purposes I have no need for a cell phone.

As the wife of an dispatcher here in Ontario, I will always have a landline. Foremost — safety purposes. Living in a rural area, and the power can be cut off, the landline is the only safe way to call in an emergency.

Too often, there is a delay in response because of bad communication with the service provider, that lives are in danger.

We live in an area prone to power outages. Just last week I called Bell to see about lowering my bill. As we are rural Rogers home phone is not available. I am seriously considering getting rid of the landline. To all the folks considering dropping their land line, but are concerned about others in their household parents etc not having access, or needing to keep your cell with you at all times, here is the solution I used.

We dropped our land line a few years ago. This allowed us to keep in contact during the days, especially since at the time we were sharing one car and traveling from different parts of the city together each day. So that means, we come home, plug in our phones, and then we can pick up any of the 4 cordless handsets and make or receive calls, including caller ID for incoming calls.

So its really the best of both worlds, convenience at home with a standard type phone, no additional charges for long distance, and when we are not at home, we are still reachable. As as Kerry mentioned, texting and BBM are the main ways that people contact us at this point. As for the kids that want to have play dates?

Their parents email me and we set something up. The landline is actually free with my high-speed Internet now from Bright House. I know most people cut their landline because they like smart phones. Well you may never heard of a smart landline phone. Plus landline service are cheaper than cell phone service. If you are to buy it you can go to google. To know what they look like click images. I have had a prepaid one before.

I have a basic landline, no long distance. I discovered I could make long distance calls from google voice. I am not attached to my phone number.

I found this box that is supposed to allow me to call out using my google voice number. I do not currently use a cell phone and like my landline. I hate people calling me at all hours of the day and night and find that my reception is much better with landline. Cell phones are convenient but not always good for regular use. Call me old fashioned but I do find the landline more reliable.

The same goes for newspapers- I have found that people really still do love newspapers. How many times in a year do you lose your broadband connection? How many times does your internet go down for more than 30 months in a year.

This is referred to as 5 nines in the Telecommunications Industry. It means your old fashioned phone is required by the FCC to have less than 5 minutes and 15 seconds per year of down time. So from the get go; the land line companies are held to a much higher standard and that is a competitive disadvantage for them.

Been in telecom for almost 30 years. I have worked on both sides of the fence; namely land lines and VOIP solutions. I have a prepaid cell phone for emergencies and long distance.

That allows my security system to still work and I can call during a power outage. I can also still receive incoming long distance calls. I can use it for unlimited long distance also.

But there is no way on this Earth I would trust it to be 5 Nines reliable. I base that on how often my Cable TV and Cable Modem go out to lunch in a month; much less over the span of a year. The line is hard wired to the Emergency Center. You have to hope that some contractor in India entered your information correctly in a database for those technologies. The reason I still have a landline is that it gives me a number to put on business licenses and mortgages and bank accounts and all manner of contracts — for the simple reason that every one of these nitwits turns right around and sells your phone number.

The credit companies are the worst guerilla marketers ever conceived. I have phones in the house with the ringers turned way down. Periodically I check for messages. Knock on wood — so far its working. I get a spam-text or call about half a dozen times per year and I immediately block the number most smartphones allow this.

You can get a free number from Google Voice. You can also block individual callers who become a nuisance. I would like to keep the landline since we have young children and I worry about emergencies. For example, if a sitter were here or we taught our children how to call if, for example, something happened to Mommy or Daddy and we were unable to call for help.

There are other reasons too and as someone previously mentioned, I am not about to provide them with a cell phone at their ages. Plus we have calls long distance to the US. I like the old phones, but not the expense of a real phone line, so I run them on my voip system.

My voip system does everything I need it to do, blocking telemarketers, send all calls to vmail at night, etc. For I programmed the local emergency number that goes to the center at the police station. When I come home, the dumbphone goes off and I answer on the wired phones. My brother and sister both dropped their landlines but I still have mine. Trouble is, I use my cell for long distance calls such as to both of them and sometimes I have no juice left in the cell.

So what do you without landline service do—plug in your cell phone every night to recharge? I use my landline for local calls; the sound is more reliable, but I also have a lot of minuteSs stacked up on my cell that never get used, so sometimes I wonder about cutting landline to take care of that. But I also have caller id units; would these be useless without landline service? Can you really call the bank, check up on your IRA account safely?

Would like responses to my question. I have magicjack was great till i moved and the dolt upstairs ahs a cb tower which si cutting into my line can hear his conversations all the time and he listens to the police calls …not leagal…but now i decided to put a raid channel on that internet line so he can hear that.. Hope the hell he cant hear me doing my business and banking but probably can apparently those cb towers picked up cells and your car phone as well..

Plus free long distance across canada and the usa. Other thn the ass upstairs it works fine hoping the radio on it is now blocking his calls or listening to mine …i know most men hate rap so i put rap on lol a method to my maddness.

For 2 years my husband has been trying to terminate a landline installed in In , there was no such contract! He is 79 years old and no longer operates the business the number was tied to.

He has stopped paying for the line. He calls them frequently and gets passed from one person to another who says they have no authority to take care of the problem. It is unbelievable that such a scam can continue! I have Magic Jack and am happy with it.

Is it time to cut your landline? Finance is Personal on TV: Five unconventional ways to get your financial act together Five unconventional ways to get your financial act together. How to make a sandwich How to make a sandwich. Are you frugal or cheap? Robin from Frugal Family Times June 17, at 3: Phil McBurney June 17, at 3: Ben June 17, at 5: Jody June 17, at 6: Nancy June 17, at 7: Thanks for the article!

Carolyn June 17, at 7: I am in the same boat as Robin. Kids are the only reason we have the land line now too. Ivy June 17, at 7: Rich June 17, at 7: Braden June 17, at 7: Shira Nahari June 17, at 8: Paula Lajoie June 17, at 8: Braden June 17, at 9: RegularGuy June 17, at 9: Connie June 17, at Cleria June 17, at RegularGuy June 17, at Helen June 17, at You can also port over your existing phone number too, but this can take up to 30 days.

Sheila English June 17, at Christine Weadick June 17, at 2: Terri June 17, at 3: Gajizmo June 17, at 7: Tina June 17, at 8: Annie June 17, at Ray June 18, at 3: Terri June 18, at 8: Natalia June 18, at 9: Rachel June 18, at 2: Susan June 20, at Ana June 20, at 7: Brenda June 27, at 3: Scott July 5, at 6: Bryan Jaskolka July 18, at 3: Mike September 29, at 5: Marie October 15, at 2: Stan January 23, at 1: Two simple questions to consider.

How many times in a year do you lose dial tone on a land line? What I do is the following: So far, so good. RegularGuy November 10, at 2: Zippy February 8, at 9: June 30, at 2: TJ October 17, at Nomadsandra January 20, at 3: M Eloise May 9, at 9: Howard November 10, at Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment.

What About Task Killers?

I’ve been landline-free since about , back in Vancouver (in Toronto now). I was in a LD relationship, and using calling cards for long distance to the US, and with the three hour time zone difference, ended up using my cel . Spring is sneaking up around the corner and that can only mean one thing — spring cleaning. Android devices are sophisticated enough that regular maintenance isn’t necessary, but it’s still a good idea to clean out the system every once in a while. Don’t underestimate the impact of staying digitally organized How To Keep Your Digital Life .