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I was looking into doing this myself, but what would be the point unless I could watch my team play. I'm only been watching half a game and I keep getting "An Error has occurred". Picture of the Week. I've seen up to the middle of the second, but now I know regulation will end in a tie. Team Subreddits East Atlantic http: Bruins game cut out constantly. I don't know if that helps.


Team Subreddits

Personally, I blame Rogers for this. Even though I live in the States right now, it can't possibly be a coincidence that GameCentre just stops working the day that they take over the broadcast rights I tried calling the support line.

It automatically disconnects before even ringing. And the chat support is unavailable too. It just says 'just a moment I just got through to gamecenter's customer service He just said to try restoring the apple tv from the settings menu and that should fix things.

I'm not home so I haven't tried it yet. Did the dude on the phone mention anything about other logins on the appletv? Just called the GCL support number, and they said there's some weird glitch that disables the NHL app to work when you're logged into Netflix, Hulu, etc. I contacted GCL support again today and the rep connected my itunes account with the GCL website, and once he did that, I've been good to go on all devices.

I think the big issue has to do with purchasing through itunes on apple TV. Yeah I have to reset my Apple TV every time. Did you purchase GCL through their site or through in app? I was trying with a "mobile in app purchase" account but its not validating on appleTV, anyone else?

Please let me know how it goes I had my fiance restore my apple tv this morning and now the app on there works again. Previously I was getting "NHL unavailable. Please try again later. Have you tried deleting the app and redownloading it? What problem are you having? You could try restoring your apple tv too to see if that helps. You guys keep saying "restore it. Those are the only two options I see under the Settings menu.

I have the update seems super sluggish when selecting a game. I think it's the feed though. Bruins game cut out constantly. Only cut out twice during this one.

Missed the last minute of the Boston vs Philly game. I then watched the Vancouver vs Calgary game on my iPad mini and it worked perfectly. You get access to the full Unlocator product with your free trial. No payment details needed. If you decide to upgrade to a paid subscription we provide a full day money back guarantee. Unlocator is a DNS service, which allows you to use the streaming services you like regardless of your location. No speed loss and best of all you can try it for free — no credit card needed.

TV From Anywhere in the World. Steps to Unblock NHL. TV or use their app if supported. Please see supported devices between NHL. TV and Unlocator at the bottom of this page. Get Started For Free. Create Free 7-Day Trial.

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I can't even get into the Gamecenter app on Apple TV. It just says try again later. I purchased the subscription through apple tv and have been unable to register online so I have access nowhere so far. Yay for $ for nothing. Games broadcast on local and national television in your area are subject to blackouts in™. In certain regions, if a game is available for you to view on television in your local viewing area, then it will not be available to watch live in™. Oct 05,  · Access NHL Premium™ for $ monthly or for $ yearly or get™ Monthly for $ per month. You will be automatically billed $ or $ through iTunes every 30 days year round or $ every /5(14K).