Step by Step: How to configure a PPTP VPN Client on Mikrotik RouterOS

MikroTik VPN Configuration with PPTP (Connecting Remote Client)

Mikrotik VPN Client Connections – PPTP
Sometimes ISP blocking can cause this problem. Now it is time to create a user who will be connected to pptp server. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You can optionally create PPTP interfaces. On all RouterOS versions up to 5. And how would I know that from the RBg side??

MikroTik L2TP/IPsec VPN Configuration (Connecting Remote Client)

Mikrotik device as a L2TP/IPSec client

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After configuring PPTP Tunnel, the laptop will be able to connect to MikroTik local network as if it was directly connected to the local network. In the first part, we will complete MikroTik Router basic configuration.

The following steps will show how to do these topics in your RouterOS. Basic RouterOS configuration has been completed. Now it is time to create a user who will be connected to pptp server. To create username and password, follow the below steps carefully. PPP user who will be connected from remote client machine has been created. At this point, if the user gets connected from the remote client machine and try to ping any workstation from the remote machine, the ping will time out because the remote client is unable to get ARPs from workstations.

You can optionally create PPTP interfaces. All other Windows versions follow almost the same procedure. Now try to ping and hope there will be no problem to get ping reply. If you use other operating system than Windows, please search in Google how to create PPTP client at that specific operating system.

I hope you will a get solution. You need to enable radius authentication. In windows it is AIS which you need to install. In version it is NPS. I was able to set up the tunnel that I have been working on for hours in minutes! Question, it does not seem to be assigning me a gateway ip. JB Whichever interface is in the same subnet as your remote addressing, set arp from enabled to proxy arp.

I have done this an am successfully able to get connected. I have enabled proxy-arp on the internal interface. I can connect to the vpn and ping any IP on the network from my netbook. Also check that the network you are connected to is not set as public in your file sharing. Then check to make sure that file sharing is enabled for work and private networks.

Also set your local address in your profile instead of the secret. Set the profile drop down to the one you just created.

It is helpful to mention that the default firewall rules need to be adjusted as well to allow TCP traffic on port as well as the GRE protocol. Email required, will not be published. Subscribe to comments on this post. Paperpunch Theme by The Theme Foundry. Filed under Mikrotik , Networking. I believe you can specify the same local address, not that it will help with your question.

Kindly to have explanation how to figure this out. Thanks in Advance, Indra, Are you trying to print from the hub site to the remote or are you printing from the remote to the hub site. Hi I have a problem.

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Mikrotik Client Setup Introduction This article will explain in detail how you can establish a VPN connection with your Mikrotik router using any PPTP protocol. We will start first with the MikroTik SSTP setup portion of the guide by creating the certificates for SiteX. Two certificates are required for our SSTP VPN setup – a “Server” and “CA” (Certificate Authority) certificate, all of which, will be created via the MikroTik. Pages in category "VPN" The following 27 pages are in this category, out of 27 total.