Change Country in Google Play Store Account

Steps to Change Play Store Country

Change your home or billing address
Otherwise, getting a refund after the purchase could save you the money. You can only do it once per year, and the feature is not available for Family Library members. Scott Petrack 21 3. Best apps from XDA forums. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. When you have updated the addresses, go to your mobile to a paid app just before going further then click buy, exit google play, go to your android setting. It doesn't seem to be a caching problem; only updating the information didn't do anything for me for days.

Second Method to Change Country in Google Play Store:

Google Won’t Allow You To Choose Country Domain For Google Search, Here Is How To Do It

The phone is also local and used for receiving codes in case of suspicious sign in etc. The phone was bought and set up overseas. Is that a irreversible crime? I had to go all the way to the screen where it asked me to insert my credit card number.

When I reached this screen I closed the play store, cleared the cache and then it worked. I have tried to add my card for intended country.

Do i have to have money in my bank in order to use that card as a payment method? Most companies initiate a temporary hold of 1 USD to authorize the card. From my experiment, after step 2, we should disable play store, then enable it again.

It works for me. Hopefully this lasts a bit longer than other solutions since Google is cracking down heavily now on simple workarounds. APK extensions in Chrome no longer work and the existing APK-leeching websites reach their quota quickly such that less popular apps are difficult to get.

Finally persuaded my Nexus 4 to change from Australia to UK. Changed home address, credit card to UK in Google Wallet do it on a PC instead of your phone — there seem to more options there. Finally did a Force Stop and that ultimately worked. I have just purchased a new S6 Edge and created a brand new gmail account for it, which I associated my UK bank account card within the wallet.

However for some completely unknown reason I am yet to fathom the location of my play store is set to India. This is extremely frustrating and not a great user experience for a 1st time user in the Play Store. Surely there must be a better way to control this?

What can I do? In addition to the above steps, try changing your home address to your home country UK if its not already the same. Our readers have reported that that step solves the issue. What should we do in that case? One option is that you forget that app and find some other app with the same features. What if there is no such app on Play Store as an alternative to that app? Changing Google Play store country is also essential if you move from one country to another.

After changing the country you also have to update your payment methods along with an address. Google uses the billing address of your default payment instrument in Google Wallet to help determine your home country for accessing the Play Store. You can use any one of the following methods to change country in Google Play Store. Preferably, you should try the first method. Google play store is the largest repository of Android Applications. Although the app is same, it is tweaked demographically, like if you are in some European country, you will see the apps that are famous in that specific country and if you are in some Asian county you will see most famous applications of that country on the top.

Google uses its demographic metrics of downloads to figure out the ranking of apps in the Google play store of a specific country. There are some developers that make their applications inaccessible to users of some countries. Sometimes an app is released only for the specific country like Pokemon Go was just released for the USA first.

You can change country in Google Play store using this guide if you want to access some app that is not present in your country. Or if you moved to some foreign country and want to install apps present in the Google play store of that specific country.

This method is rather easy as compared to the other one. Follow the steps below to change country in Google Play Store account: Now, re-open the play store app.

Now you will see the Google play store of your default payment billing country. You can open the Google Play Store in the browser without being logged in or with another google account. Then you can see all apps without limits.

Update card billing address

From the drop-down list, choose the country to associate with the payments profile you're creating. Enter the address information and click Submit. Edit your home or business address. Note that you can't change the country for an existing payments profile. You must create a new profile to use a different country. To edit your home or business . Now, Google has announced a small change; they’ll now localize search results by default. So, if you’re in the US, you’ll get the country service for the US. And when you move to some other country, Google will automatically change the country service and again back to the US when you return. Aug 21,  · Please tell me how i change my country location in google please i need your help. Re: How do I change my default search country? Google thinks I am in a different country. Negeen E. 8/25/15 AM: Hey Guys.