African Cup of Nations winners list – Past AFCON winners list 1957-2019!

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List of full winners of the African Nations Cup from 1957
Ghana have won the African cup of nations four times. How many times has Egypt won the African cup? How many times has Nigeria won the FA cup? The rule persisted to The furthest South Africa has gone is the group stages, where they … were in , and Bayern Munich star wants talk with the club.

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African Cup of Nations: All-time Records

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Egypt has won the Africa Cup of Nations a total of 7 times. In , , , , , and List of full winners of the African Nations Cup from Get the full list of the previous winners of the Africa Cup of Nations. – Egypt (Sudan) – Egypt (Egypt) – Ethiopia (Ethiopia) – Ghana (Ghana) – Ghana (Tunisia) Latest African Movies. Watch the Latest Full Ghanaian and Nigerian Hotest Movies Online. In total the African Cup of Nations has been won 11 times by the host of the tournament. Egypt has won the tournament more times as the host than any other nation with three wins. Ghana has won the tournament twice as the host nation with Algeria, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South Africa and Tunisia winning the tournament once.