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Wie bewegen wir uns in Zukunft fort? Und welche Rolle spielt Russland in der internationalen Gemeinschaft? Interestingly, motorists exceed the speed limit more often when it is dark, according to a study conducted by the ICI-HSG. What are the project's focal points and which aspects are decisive for a modern learning environment that embraces the digital future? Der amerikanische Robotiker und Roboethiker Ronald C. HSG Focus with dossier on the topic of "work". Sharing goods, sharing resources:

How important are free media for democracy? And what role does Russia play in the international community? An interview at the St. Reinhard Jung on classical transactions and the distributed ledger technology "blockchain". What is a "blockchain" and how does the decentralized accounting system work, that is necessary e. How secure is this technology and what influence do blockchains have on our economic system? How does the building fit into its surroundings? What are the project's focal points and which aspects are decisive for a modern learning environment that embraces the digital future?

Christoph Aymanns on the Bitcoin boom of the last couple of months. What characterizes the crypto currency? How can it be used and what could the future of the crypto currency look like?

Dietmar Grichnik and Manuel Hess on developing the St. Gallen Startup Navigator, important inputs from successful entrepreneurs and the four blocks at the centre of the tool. The tool was developed in the interplay of evidence-based science and practical experience. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein was published years ago. In this video interview, Scott Loren explains why the book is still relevant today and why the figure of the monster is so well suited as a metaphor for capitalism.

Scott Loren is Lecturer at the University of St. Does the Davis Cup format give one team an unfair advantage over the other? Can intermediate prizes terminate the discouragement effect? What is the significance of studying in China and what opportunities for social advancement are associated with it - historical and current?

Ulrich Schmid on the October Revolution of and its impact on world history. How does the current Russian government deal with its own history and which historical concepts are decisive in Kremlin-related circles? Gallen, takes a look at the rise of both Amazon and Alibaba. Franz Schultheis on the flip side of Germany's economic success model, precarious working conditions and social misery.

In the last few years, companies have increasingly combined stationary and online sales. This increases the likelihood of a financial crisis. Gallen and head of the Economic Policy Center in Vienna. Succession is one of the biggest challenges facing an entrepreneur, particularly in the context of family businesses. The model will allow policy makers to forecast the effects of their choices on the macro-economy in general and on society.

He spent his whole life trying to fill that hole. That's the essence of Donald Trump. Sharing goods, sharing resources: This is the basic idea of the "sharing economy". While technological change is steadily advancing, there is only little resarch on the effects of digitalisation.

For example, how does it affect the health of workers? New technologies lead to a decentralisation of the energy market. Consumers will become prosumers by being able to trade energy themselves with neighbours.

How do large energy suppliers deal with this trend? How are Sharing Economy platforms built up? How do they address the subject privacy? What are the motives of the participants? What does the buzzword "digitalisation" actually mean? Why is a digital transformation strategy so important for management? Jan Marco Leimeister identifies three fundamental logics of digitalisation and explains how companies can compete in a digital world.

Oliver Gassmann on European research co-operation and the Horizon project "Smarter Together", which explores new energy concepts in urban centers.

What do new business models look like and what are mobility centers? What do we understand by social entrepreneurship? How can social problems be solved in an entrepreneurial manner? When does the difference between business entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs become immaterial? Martin Ford on technology and the threat of a jobless future. A video interview conducted at the 46 St.

How do business models stay up to date and why former market leaders such as Nokia and Kodak have failed to do so? Oliver Gassmann on the 55 basic patterns of business model innovation and the "Business Model Navigator" that helps to keep business models up to date.

Franz Schultheis about our changing world of work, flat hierarchies and the ideal of the modern worker. What is the relationship between processes of acceleration and the transformation of work and privacy? By yourself or automated? How will we move about in the future?

Our dossier homes in on "Mobility". Academic GIFts Scientific findings in abridged format, artfully packaged and concisely explained. That's what the new moving image series offers. Gallen ranks first for the eighth time in a row - worldwide. Gallen will invite the general public to 38 public lecture series. The public programme will start on 17 September A second campus for the University of St.

Gallen The cantonal government has adopted the dispatch about the construction of the Platztor campus for the University of St. Annual media conference Dietmar Grichnik, Professor of Entrepreneurship, presented the new corporate survey on the occasion of the annual media conference of the University of St.

Newsroom Find all our news at a glance. Events Find all our events at a glance. Gallen HSG has an impressive collection of modern art that is open to the public and can now also be discovered with an art app. Doing Business in Eastern Europe An interview with Gulnaz Partschefeld on intercultural challenges for students and their importance from a Russian perspective.

Business schools need to prepare future leaders to prevent climate disruption. By student reporter Sascha Duric. Raising the retirement age? Why substantial adjustments to the Swiss pension system are necessary. An opinion piece by Martin Eling. Our vision is to set standards in certain areas on a global scale. He died at the age of eighty-five in New York, the city towering over his beloved home-town which he enshrined in many of his thirty-one books.

Have the limits of tourism around Lake Constance been reached? Wie bewegen wir uns in Zukunft fort? Das bietet die neue Bewegtbildserie. Gallen belegt zum achten Mal in Folge den ersten Platz — weltweit. Zum Newsroom Alle unsere News auf einen Blick. Zum Veranstaltungskalender Alle unsere Veranstaltungen auf einen Blick. Von Studentenreporter Sascha Duric. Dieser Frage gingen die Teilnehmenden der 9.

Lassen Sie uns den Mut haben, nach Jahren das Auto neu zu erfinden. Galler Museumsnacht Am Samstag, 8. Sind die Grenzen des Bodenseetourismus erreicht?

Gallen Von Dana Sindermann. Der Missbrauch von Daten hat Facebook schwer geschadet. Es wird eine massive Delle geben Danach geht aber die Datenparty weiter, einfach auf anderen Plattformen.

Gallen studieren Studierende, 35 Prozent davon sind Frauen. Entdecken Sie weitere Studierendenzahlen. Freihandelsabkommen zwischen der Schweiz und den USA? Ein Interview mit Christa Binswanger. Muss Deutschland machtbewusster werden?

Welcome to the University of (HSG). Aktuelle globale Herausforderungen im Öffentlichen Programm Die Universität lädt die Bevölkerung im Herbstsemester zu 37 öffentlichen Vorlesungsreihen ein.