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Top 5 Most Reported Technical PlayStation 4 Issues and Problems and How to Fix Them
Media submissions must use proper formatting. PlayStation Vita Firmware 3. I can't really play any of the games I usually do as it involves communication, so the entire aspect is ruined for me currently. Only other potential suggestion is give it a go wireless if you can to see if that makes a difference, might help narrow it down. Please visit the How to add a card article for instructions. I've got the exact same issue, and the thing is that there are no error codes to guide you or anything like that, this is the first time I've ever seen this happen and you're the first person I've seen this happen to too.

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The latest sales stats report 6 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold worldwide, and in contrast, only 3 million Xbox One units shipped. Nevertheless, greater sales do not ease off common technical PlayStation 4 issues that the console users encounter on everyday basis. Tons of common and atypical problems and issues have been reported by the users of both next-gen consoles.

As a matter of fact, the amount of common everyday PlayStation 4 issues is increasing with its carefree march to the top and even manufacturer cannot help it because of their minor nature.

Countless of the total 30 million members of Fixya community have reported issues that are not as serious as red ring of death, blue light of death, console catching fire etc. Collecting the data regarding the nature of these issues, Fixya culled the most reported PlayStation 4 issues and problems, and provided some DIY solutions to these problems.

The report points out possible symptoms of the issues and also gives suggestions on how to fix 3 of these top 5 issues yourself. Below are the top 5 most reported PlayStation 4 issues. Obvious by name, the power issue is associated with turning off and on of the console.

According to the report, consoles effected by this issue turn off unexpectedly during the time of operation and while a game is being played. Secondly in some cases, consoles do not turn on at all when prompted.

Symptoms causing the PlayStation 4 power issue are various. Although there are two most common indicators that point towards a potential console power issue. If the problem you have experienced is not solved or explained above, contact us for further assistance and provide as much of the following information as possible:. Updated 10 July My voucher is damaged If your voucher code is printed on a receipt, please contact the retailer to recover the code. My voucher is for a different region The region for each code is printed on the voucher.

Can a voucher be redeemed on a child account? When redeeming a content-bundle voucher on a child account, please check the age ratings of each individual title — the child account will only be able to access age-appropriate content included in the bundle. Still having issues redeeming a voucher? Please try the following: Please wait until the lights are green before trying to enter the code. If you are attempting to redeem a content voucher, please check your library to see if you already own the title.

Sign out of account management on web browser or exit PlayStation Store and sign back in to refresh your account. Ensure that the code is still valid.

Some codes have an expiry date listed on the voucher. Some voucher codes need your credit or debit card details to be added to your account before they can be redeemed. You will see a pop-up message when attempting to redeem this type of voucher.

Please visit the How to add a card article for instructions. Some voucher codes require activation at the time of purchase.

PlayStation 4 Power Issue

Jul 28,  · Update: The PSN status page now lists services as up and running. Whether you're shooting clay pigeons in Fortnite or making that final push in Overwatch, we know one thing: you're not doing it on. Nov 28,  · PS4 appear offline functionality is not working, defaulting all PSN users connected to the internet to appearing online whether they want it or not. Jun 22,  · The OS has been very laggy since the last update, getting on the store has been a problem for a long while, I just come .