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How to Buy Bitcoins: a Complete Guide for Beginners
The place where you store your Bitcoins. Online transfers Instant — ID may be required. Yes, the identity of the user who purchased or sold something with the help of Bitcoin can always stay anonymous, but there will always be a digital trail leading to the transaction and that specific public wallet address. See the repo ReadMe for instructions on how to submit pull requests. Sometimes market data is not available for some currencies, which leads to delays updating the advertisement prices. A Ponzi scheme is a deceitful investment operation where the person behind the sham distributes returns to its investors from newly generated capital paid to the mastermind by other new investors, rather than from profit earned through legitimate investment. Before we get started, know this:

Secure storage

Best Ways To Buy Bitcoins Without ID (How To Buy Bitcoins Anonymously)

That is precisely the reason why I insisted on making the section about choosing a wallet and withdrawing coins away from the exchange after purchase. Good point raised here — thank you. Do these sites work to buy bitcoin in india?

Both have good reputation and accept bank transfer deposits. If possible let me know which you choose and how you liked it. Good tips on how to get bitcoin thanks. I was wondering which is cheapest between paypal and credit card? Not bad at all. Only a few years ago we barely even had a wikipedia page for bitcoin. Hey good job mentioning Coinbase for how to buy bitcoin with a card. Though would you not think that Circle as its place here too?

After all it is a beginner-friendly service with a growing user base all over the world. Great to hear the feedback. There are all sorts of means to purchase btc — card included.

They have tonnes of positive reviews from new users… looks good and very newbie-friendly. Circle no longer sells bitcoins. The company has decided to go its own way and leave the thriving cryptocurrency community behind. It actually has an app where you can get bitcoins with a card directly on android phone or apple too I think. Prices are slightly better too. Skip to content Updated: Notify of new replies to this comment. Hello Mike, Thank you for the great information especially for a beginner like myself, I found it very easy to understand.

I still have one concern as I have been doing some research into which website I should replace coinbase with?? Coinbase is very limited and their verification process is very frustrating as I have been trying to increase my limit for over a week now and never succeeded!

What other websites would you recommend to me that I can use to only purchase Bitcoins and store them in a safe wallet just like Coinbase? Mike, Thanks for a detailed and comprehensive guide. I was reading through a few comments and found that Alex and I have a common situation. We are both working in the middle east, with addresses back home. What I found is that when I try to buy with a credit card, I am stopped because the service is not available in my state.

My billing address is in Georgia, USA. Is there a way around this? Hi Mike, thanks for the thorough explanation, very interesting read. Nice to hear that I helped you learn how to buy bitcoin with ease. Ripple is not a altcoin that I have ever had an interest in: Although there are some solid projects, investors, and industrialists backing it. Dash is very cool — just like all privacy-focused cryptocurrencies, Zcash included.

Has anyone here used Bitquick? Looks good for cash purchasing. LibertyX should be under the cash section for sure. Been using it almost 4 years now. Ah yes, good point. Any sources regarding Bitcoin de holding coins for 2 weeks? Good reviews about Circle are not real. This is also known as over-the-counter OTC trading. People prefer to buy and sell Bitcoins OTC because it allows for fast transactions and more diverse payment methods.

Centralized bitcoin exchanges are slow and cumbersome, trading directly with other people using the same payment provider makes the money move much faster. This creates a better user experience for the customer. A typical trade on LocalBitcoins works like this, the example is an online sell trade where you're selling Bitcoins to a buyer. The process is similar when you are buying Bitcoins online, but for this example we're focusing on selling Bitcoins, as that's the most common type of trade.

Before you start trading you need to consider what payment methods you are going to provide and research the payment method so that you know how it works. When you first start trading we recommend you don't choose a high risk payment method. Transfer with specific bank can be a good starting payment method, especially if there are few traders active in your country.

A few sections down is more information about different payment methods and their risk level. If you have a new account with no previous trading history, we recommend you start by replying to existing advertisements in order to buy and sell some Bitcoins. This will help you get a hang of how trading works and it will let you build some trading history which will make your account trustworthy which in turn gives your advertisements better placement in the listings.

The advertisement creation page is where you create new advertisements. You can also find this page from the post a trade link in the menu bar. There are some options when creating an advertisement which are required, and a lot of extra options which are optional but recommended to set. Using the extra options allows you to tune your advertisement to suite your trading strategy.

You can find all of the advertisements that you have created from your dashboard , you can also find it from the dashboard link in the menu bar from the icon that looks like a speedometer. In your dashboard you can also see all of your trades, both open and closed.

Location Enter the country where you want your advertisement to appear. Payment method Select the payment method you want to offer from the dropdown menu. See more in the section about payment methods. Currency Choose which currency you're selling for. For instance, if you're selling in France you should select EUR. You can use this list to find what your currency acronym is. Margin or Price equation The easy way to price your advertisement is to enter a margin you want above the Bitcoin market price.

To do that, enter a percentage in the margin field. If you want more control over your price, you can use the price equation field. This will allow you to create an advanced pricing algorithm taking into account many variables. See more in our pricing guide.

If you set it to five, and you have your currency set to EUR it means that smallest trade someone can open with you will be for 5 EUR. The maximum transaction limit sets what the biggest trade that you want to accept is. Note that if you put in a larger maximum than what you have Bitcoins for in your wallet, the actual maximum will be your wallet balance.

Terms of Trade This is the text the buyer sees before he opens up a trade with you. It's a good idea to write instructions for the buyer on how you want the trade to proceed and if you have any specific instructions.

If you require, for example, the buyer to submit a receipt as proof of payment before you release the Bitcoins or if you need the buyer to provide an ID, this is the place to mention it. You can take a look at other traders advertisements for the payment method you want to use to get an idea of what good terms of trade contain.

Restrict amounts to You can restrict the advertisement to only being able to open trades for specific amounts. If you enter 20,30,60 into the box a potential trade partner could only open a trade for 20, 30 or 60 EUR. Opening hours No-one likes it when someone doesn't reply. By setting your opening hours you can limit the time when your advertisements are shown to exactly those times when you are ready to trade.

Set the times acording to your own local time, but first make sure that you have your own time zone set in your user settings. Payment details Enter here specific information relating to how the buyer should pay, this can be your bank account number or e-mail address For e. Minimum volume You can set a minium required Bitcoin trading volume before a user can open up a trade request for your advertisement. If you set this to 0. Minimum feedback Similar to Minimum volume, the feedback minimum allows you to set a minimum required feedback percentage required to have in order to open a trade using your advertisement.

New buyer limit This is a specific maximum transaction limit for new users. If a new buyer with no previous trading history wants to contact you, this is the largest amount they can open a trade for. Transaction coefficient This option works in combination with new buyer limit. If you set the previous option to 0.

For the first trade it will be your new buyer limit, for the following trade it will be 1. Display reference This shows an automatically generated reference code for the trade. It's a convenient feature to use as the buyer can enter the reference as part of the message when purchasing, allowing you to quickly match payments to trades. Reference type Let's you select what kind of reference to display. Payment window How long of a time the buyer has to make payment before the trade is automatically cancelled.

Track liquidity In case you are offering Bitcoins for sale using a payment method that only allows you to accept a certain amount a day you can use this feature to limit yourself to that. Enabling tracking liquidity lowers the maximum limit of the advertisement each time someone makes a purchase.

Identified only By marking this checkbox you limit the advertisement so that only users who have verified their ID with LocalBitcoins are able to open a trade. Real name required By marketing this checkbox you limit the advertisement so that only users who have entered a real name on their account are able to open a trade.

Bitcoin ATMs also have limits and some require verification if more than a certain amount is purchased. Do you want to buy larger amounts of bitcoins? Try buying with a bank account and you'll save on fees, too. Unlike other exchanges, which require ID verification and personal information, Local Bitcoins and Bitcoin ATMs don't require any information like this.

Just like any information you give up online, there is always the risk that it can be hacked or stolen from the website you give it to. One thing that Bitcoin exchanges have going for them is that because they are constantly under attack, they have some of the best security and protections in place to protect against the hacking of your personal info.

Even Yahoo was hacked and information on 1 billion accounts was stolen. Many Bitcoin exchanges have been hacked and lost customer funds. If you don't want to fall victim to these hacks then the easiest way is to store your coins in a wallet you control. BitQuick is one of the best ways to buy bitcoins with cash in the United States. Enter the amount you want to spend. You can enter in dollars or BTC, the fields will update automatically.

Once you picked a bank you will be required to fill in some details. This includes your email, phone number, and Bitcoin address. You can also change the amount of Bitcoin you want to receive. This will send a PIN code to your phone that you need to confirm. Now you will need to find a bank branch of the bank you chose in your area.

Then you go into the bank, make a deposit, and save the receipt. That means there are Bitcoin ATMs in your area. Click on one of the map markers for more details about a specific ATM.

Some ATMs may require verification, like a picture of an ID or a finger print scan although most don't. Now that you know a bit about LibertyX we'll show you how to use it. Once you've downloaded the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store , open it and you should see a screen like this:. Enter the amount of bitcoins you want to buy and then press "NEXT".

You should now see a screen with some options. If you want to find a store near you to buy then click "Find Store". Now you'll see a zoomed out map. Put in your location or allow the app to see your current location. You should then see a zoomed in map with pins displayed the many locations you can buy from:. You will get more information on the location, like the store's hours, fees, phone number, and instructions for buying the coins:.

At the store you present the code to the cashier and pay for the amount of coins you want. The cashier will then print out another code that you enter into the LibertyX app. Once you enter the code from the cashier you receive bitcoins! Make sure you meet in a public space. Going with a friend is best, too.

There have been reports of scams and robberies, so just make sure you take precautions when buying. Again, make sure you buy from sellers with good feedback!

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